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Murphy strikes again…….

  • Ever cook for 10 people and the food didn’t quite agree with their palates and you end up eating leftovers for a week… 

  • Ever learn from the above and then cook just a little under the exact portions and they love the food and there isn’t enough to go round….

  • Ever late for an appointment and you hit all the red lights.

  • Ever manage to avoid dog poop throughout your jog and you step on some just before you reach home.

  • Ever leave off washing your car for a month and the day you finally wash it, it rains cats and dogs….

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    Of heights and zodiac animals….

    Given that this is my inaugural blog hence I feel the need to explain the title. Well to state the obvious, I’m all 155cm (approximately 5 feet) of Horse not the four legged kind…but the two legged kind. I was born under this Chinese Zodiac animal sign. A FIRE HORSE to be exact – need I say more?

    First things first. Short  – That I am, historically just like Hitler & Napoleon AND presently just like Jodie Foster (yup this larger than life actress only packs a tight 3 inch height advantage to me, surprise surprise) & Eva Longoria,…..  Ummm, would like to say I’m the Eva Longoria type, neh….no such luck….! As a typical female I favour you calling me ‘undertall’, of medium height (which is an acceptable adjective for this height statistic in Malaysia…I think…I hope…) and the words ‘petite’, ‘cute’ are honey to the ears …. Don’t even let me hear you blurt out the blasphemed ‘S’ word in my face…. no, not the ‘short’ word… ‘stocky’ … please please spare me….. have mercy…    (and don’t twist the knife in the wound by saying…’oh but its true’)

    Well then lets move on to Horse….? Think character ok…not the image of a Shetland pony. I’m stubborn, rebellious, mule headed (after all it is a close cousin to the horse). more description…Free spirited just like my Zodiac equivalent who romps free in rolling green hills, galloping into the sunset…., running wild, living life to the fullest…. but then thanks to the idiot box (of which I’m a great fan) images of frothy and sweaty horses being ridden to the brink of exhaustion keeps breaking into this euphoric scene of mine – ummm so what if it WAS Clint Eastwood riding ’em horses in the good ol’ Spaghetti westerns … & Mr. Ed – the talking horse ….. urgh…. God Help Me…. rewind rewind…let’s get back to the romping free spirited part…. Well they say you are what you are based on the time you were born…. hopefully the fact that I was born during dinner time means I can bask in the warm stable of life, filled with hay rather than leading the life of a beast of burden ………

    To those who know me….  you decide for yourself who and what I am…… (Gosh…hope that stories of horses being turned into glue is a thing of the past…)………….