Murphy strikes again…….

  • Ever cook for 10 people and the food didn’t quite agree with their palates and you end up eating leftovers for a week… 

  • Ever learn from the above and then cook just a little under the exact portions and they love the food and there isn’t enough to go round….

  • Ever late for an appointment and you hit all the red lights.

  • Ever manage to avoid dog poop throughout your jog and you step on some just before you reach home.

  • Ever leave off washing your car for a month and the day you finally wash it, it rains cats and dogs….

  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

     Murphy’s law is an adage in Western culture that broadly states that things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance. “If anything can go wrong, it will, and usually at the most inopportune moment”). ……..

    Well, the ever reliable Murphy struck last weekend………….



    The Great Outdoor Gathering organized by Fat Dragon and I for two sets of friends and their families at the FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) in Kepong was set for last Sunday. Why the Great Outdoor Gathering?…Simple…none of us could remember doing this nature thing together over the recent past months…ummm..make that years even!



    The party consisted of 6 ‘Roaring Forties’ adults and 4 kiddoes whose ages ranged from 7 to 12 years. Anticipation and excitement had built up from last Wednesday itself as the Roaring Forties exchanged SMS’es planning for the chance to stretch rusty, unused muscles & to take out long forgotten sneakers still in pristine condition from their dusty boxes. Heck…one Roaring Fortier even took the trouble to purchase a new pair of cross trainers the night before (Saturday) thus fueling optimism that this will not be the LAST great outdoor gathering….



    🙂 Sunday came and some of us tucked our tummies with ‘high energy food’ – paper wrapped chicken, yong tow foo & marmite pork ribs in preparation for the physical activity and headed off happily to conquer nature (and to work off lunch) at around 2pm ……



    Heck……. When Fat Dragon and I saw the teeniest droplets, we were in denial about Murphy’s strength. “Hey!”, we consoled ourselves… “it’s probably just a cloudburst along the Kesas will not rain in Kepong…after all it’s the other side of town”.  Alas by the time we paid the RM5 entrance fee per car and RM1 for every passenger at the gateway of FRIM, the teeny droplets had graduated to gigantic droplets which then graduated to SHEETS of rain – Given the ‘excellent’ weather conditions…the fee paid out seemed a fortune …



    NOPE we weren’t going to let Murphy ruin our adventure! We trudged on and decided to wait the rain out over a cuppa…and FIND a tea house we did. It was called ‘The Malay Tea House’…a cozy café housed within a newly refurbished 100 year old bungalow nestled in one corner of  FRIM’s woods. Phew…thank goodness we found it. Fat Dragon and I wouldn’t have been able to withstand the pressure cooker of disappointment & frustration brewing amidst the GANG as a result of the rain ….



    3 pots of tea (with a round of refill), …20 sticks of otak-otak ……and 6 sticks of ice-cream later…. (Yeah ok …it was supposed to be a fitness outing but hey, we needed comfort food right? )….. we managed to outwait Murphy & the rain eased into a drizzle …..Hurray!



    The 11 of us donned our caps, slipped on our trainers and we moved on to conquer a waterfall & an hour long trek at Rover’s Track……. ! So move over Murphy…. Here comes Silver Lining….It sure did a good job of hiding itself until 3.30pm behind the clouds that day!!!!



     P.S. Did you know that Murphy’s Law is also known as Sod’s Law and Finagle’s Law?


    4 responses to “Murphy strikes again…….

    1. Well, if you think about it, Murphy’s Law is actually an excuse for probabilities. It has been raining ever other afternoon in the Klang valley during the past month and when we hit the road that afternoon, the chances of it raining would be 50/50. That’s the Law of Probabilities.

      Murphy’s Law is also an excuse for those who quit (probably
      Murphy, Sod and Finagle) at the first sight of trouble. If we had quit at the first drop of the rain, then we can call it Murphy’s Law because it rained when we want to venture out to the great outdoors and we had an excuse (Murphy’s Law) to stop in our tracks.

      But we perservered and as far as I am concerned, the rain was a blessing for the trip. We managed to experience the beautiful 100 years old tea house while the rain cleansed the air, making it cool and pleasant for the walk. I truly enjoyed the walk and glad that we overcame Murphy.

    2. asme – ahahahahh …you are too scientific…but then again the phrase befits the occasion (i.e. from 2pm to 3.30pm) as ‘Murphy’ defines it as “if anything can go wrong, it would at the most inopportune moment”…

    3. It’s Ninth Emperor God’s Festival lah for 9 days. Will definitely rain till this Saturday. Mark my words!

    4. Anigma: Thanks for the reminder of the 9th Emperor God’s Festival but the great outdoor event for in Sept -lah…… maybe the God’s decided to work overtime and start early eh? 🙂

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