Of Space Participants and Space Tourists……

10th October. At exactly 9.23pm (Malaysian time), the Soyuz-FG rocket launcher blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan…… and in that flight contained our very own Dr. Sheikh Muzhaphar Shukor.

Well, the event has its fair share of controversy but what interests me is this particular one…….What role does Dr. Sheikh  play in the flight….. Astronaut, Cosmonaut, Space Participant….Space Tourist?????????

FACT IS, HE IS THE FIRST MALAYSIAN IN SPACE be it as a space participant, space tourist, astronaut, cosmonaut. We cannot deny him that! I however agree that use of the latter two definitions has a ring of pomposity and arrogance to it………. Forgive my ignorance but according to my layman understanding…..don’t astronauts need to have flight knowledge, don’t they need years of training and education, etc? So yeah,.. …you form your own conclusions from there.

But hey, …………….Check out the definitions below.  According to  Wikijunior Solar System and tooter4kids……..perhaps Dr. Sheikh CAN be termed an ASTRONAUT after all…..(don’t worry – its not only the kids that say so)….. even Macmillan agrees although it is under the  grade 3 glossary notwithstanding… -)

Definitions of ‘ASTRONAUT’ on the Web:


6 responses to “Of Space Participants and Space Tourists……

  1. Tourist or astronaut may be debatable.

    What’s absolutely clear is that the millions spent for this ego project is an absolute waste of public funds. Can’t wait for the idiots to crash the first MIG.

  2. Wah… you pun sudah start blogging kah? Hahaha!

  3. Eh.. you put Asme as Fat Dragon ah?? Hahaha. same here also lah. Hahahahha!

  4. Asme: Ummm….. a bit harsh
    Anigma: Yeah, afraid I have joined the bandwagon…. kiasu I guess… 🙂

  5. I have heard some more definitions of astronauts:
    From USA: astronaut
    From Russia: cosmonaut
    From China: taikonaut
    From Malaysia?….Can-or-naut?

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