Who’ll have the last laugh indeed!

Way back in March 1997 we said our goodbyes to Manila, Phils which was our home for 2 1/2 years ……. it was a moment of mixed feelings as we were leaving behind a bunch of great friends, a fun city with loaded with excitement, great pastries & cakes and  MEGAMALLS …… But we were really happy to leave the traffic jam and flash floods behind…. always secretly proud that KL folk never had to suffer through these inconveniences ……or so we thought!!!

Well, its 2007 now. Last Sunday as Fat Dragon drove at top speed in the torrential rains to help me make my 2.20pm dental appointment in PJ State (Yup….believe it or not the dentist was working during the Raya hols…Bless the Man as my tooth was killing me….), our progress stopped short in front of PJ Hilton as the road disappeared and a ‘river’ appeared in front of us….. most cars stopped but desperation overcame us and we decided to test our Perdana’s boating skills….. (hey James Bond does it right? His cars almost ALWAYS double up as cars and boats) ….. Our beloved vehicle rose to the occasion and waded right through the wheel high water & we were exhilirated coz I managed to make the appointment only 10 minutes late……. phew… but the venture yielded casualties to the car after all ….. i.e. a missing number plate & a faulty locking system for the doors as the said items were subjected to an involuntary bath that day….. 

Jun’s story comes to mind…. it was 5 am…. he was fast asleep and his whole bed seemed to be floating and his arm was half submerged in water….. Hey, was it a dream? NO. Was it a nightmare? NO. It was happening REAL TIME time, man. He woke up in the middle of a flash flood in his very own home.

Well this story happened in Pasig, Philippines but it could very well happen to anyone in low lying areas in KL nowadays….especially in Tmn TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam etc… YES….. flash floods has also become a common occurence in KL …….  Not to mention traffic jams….. it only takes ONE car broken down in the MRR2 and chances are you can be stuck in the car up to 2 hours (during peak hours) to clear that stretch…..

In our country’s bid to achieve a developed nation status … it begs the question…… Have we also regressed in some ways? Wonder who has the last laugh now….sigh!  

P.S. … in case of you need to set dental appointments for Sundays… try Lim Dental Surgery Sdn Bhd…. contact no. 03-79569100. 79569443. Be warned though, endodontists like Dr. Bernard Au are so popular that you need to set appointments way ahead of time ….. (in my case 1  1/2 weeks….)


5 responses to “Who’ll have the last laugh indeed!

  1. If we are not careful, in twenty years’ time, Malaysia will start exporting labour to the world as factory workers, maids and drivers.

    Impossible?! Think again. We are now employing foreign labour, training them, teaching them skills and then kicking them back and start all over again. Meanwhile, our own people are becoming more lazy and not learning the necessary working skills. Money come too easy with all the amanah funds.

    In twenty years, the Pinoys, the Indons, the Banglas and the Viets would be more developed and would need unskilled cheap labour. Malaysia then would be the nearest source.

  2. There is a reservoir of memories from Manila. Since I was talking about labout, my fondest advice about hiring Pinays as domestic help came from Gina.

    She said “Make sure you check for footprints on the table!!!”

  3. …..Yes will never forget Gina Yabut – the Amazonian beauty

  4. LOL. So you have a swimming Perdana? Since when you change your Waja lah friend?

    And they build the multi billion dollar SMART Tunnel which ended up flooded. LOL.

  5. Anigma: Still driving my faithful ol Waja…it’s Fat Dragon’s car….. 🙂

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