What’s in the media nowadays…?

Politics, of course. For instance ……………

I read today, the 16th Nov in the NST of a certain Minister commenting during a Dewan Rakyat proceeding about Air Asia’s stewardesses wearing skirts that are too short and that you can see a ‘tunnel’ in between??? He has apologised…by the way!

I watched 101East on Al Jazeera on the 15th Nov at 10.30pm and hear a Minister twist the words of a human rights lawyer who said that the lack of transparency in our Govt institution, results in the failure of the majority making informed decisions to him saying that “the rakyat is ’stupid’….????” (The lawyer said NO SUCH THING. Ill informed does not equal ‘stupid’ – check the dictionary)

I read of the Govt’s generosity in allowing a certain politician to build mansions first & then get the permits later & how his home escapes demolition……. But then again, you don’t read of the same generosity being extended to temples built without permits….which unfortunately did not escape demolition?????

I read of comments made by a certain distinguised leader in the Dewan Rakyat that a physically challenged & wheel chair bound would have got the condition coming to him/ her due to sins of the past……….

……………but then again, you could have fooled me.  Did all the above appear in the written & TV media…. gosh I could’ve sworn it could’ve come from some ‘pasar’ really. 

And to think that some comments which stink of sexism, rascism & arrogance come from leaders who so called represent the Voice of the Rakyat. …..

God Help Us! Please.


2 responses to “What’s in the media nowadays…?

  1. Despite the PR campaign with the angkasawan news to hoodwink the petani-petani, the felda settlers and the nelayan-nelayan into thinking that the country is in the space age, our government is actually still living in the seventies.

    These politicians don’t know what they are saying and have no inkling what they are supposed to do. We can get more grey matter out of one chimpanzee than from ten of these morons.

  2. I have given up.. long time ago on this government. I am very well aware of my power to vote and will not hesitate to exercise it.

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