Whoever heard of the movie “Friends with money………..?”


Have you seen “Friends with money”….or even heard of the movie?

Well, its just one of those things – movies in the drama/ comedy/ romance category don’t do very well in the Malaysian scene unless of course its slapstick braindead comedy action movies starring people like Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan. But this one caught my attention.

I watched “Friends with money”on Astro. It was on at 7am the 23rd of Nov & 12midnight, the 24th of Nov.  Jennifer Aniston and Joan Cusack, two of the more familiar names to us are amongst its female cast. The movie first debuted in the US on April 7th, 2006. I don’t recall it making the M’sian movie circuit. If it did, it probably didn’t do very well in the M’sian Box Office.

But, the film bagged two minor film awards i.e. Best Supporting Actress (Frances Mc Dormand – 1st from the left in the pic) at the Independent Spirit Awards and the Dorothy Arzner Directors Award (Nicole Holofcener) at the Women in Film Crystal Awards. Yup….you got it right…. never heard of these Awards but nonetheless the film won them.

But you know, despite the invisibility of the film …… I watched it and it struck a nerve. 

The storyline involves 4 women friends – 3 married and 1 single and how each one deals with their very different circumstances in life.  The show is about life…real-life. It explores how unbalanced we feel when we’re out of our comfort zones, how people and society measure success through accumulation of wealth……..

The movie is anchored by the character Olivia (played by Jen Aniston), who is single and works as a house cleaner….And she has 3 other friends who are well off.  

The jibes at how people from different status levels (measured by the bank account, of course) view similar issues, is particularly funny.  For instance, Olivia who represents the voice of the ‘poor’ wonders why people just can’t donate money directly to the orphanage or disease centre of choice. Whereas Franny, the rich one – played by Joan Cusack – says its just not done that way! The way to do it is to attend an expensive, highly publicised charity dinner/gala and then you donate to the foundation and then only does the money goes to the charity. So there you go, life seems simpler when you’re poor, no? But then again, if you don’t have a charity gala, how’re you gonna show off to society how rich & successful you are, eh?

It’s also about how friendship & relationships are either maintained or lost through the ravages of time when “life interferes”. 

These issues are woven into a comedy of sorts but yeah….. like I said, it strikes a nerve. Who knows, you might even be able to identify one or two of your acquaintances or friends in the characters of the movie. Ladies should enjoy this movie. Not too sure if the men will though…..coz it does depict the gay sort to be the more sensitive lot as opposed to the normal macho guy :-).

Happy viewing, if you do watch it!

p.s. Oh, btw, did I mention that the acting by the whole ensemble cast was good…?!


5 responses to “Whoever heard of the movie “Friends with money………..?”

  1. The problem is that such movies are too “deep” and too “complicated” for the person sourcing for the movie houses. God! Some of them can’t even string a complete sentence in English, how do you expect them to understand these slight more intelligent movies.

    But as purchasers, they are right to use themselves as a yardstick because 90% of the population is like them. So if they buy movies that they don’t understand, mana boleh jual.
    It is a stupid world but again, that’s capitalism.

    Astro probably got it packaged free with other movies. LOL.

  2. Aiyah.. shud have sms me to watch. I was online, playing very nerdy games of scrabbles with friends. Was house bound due to lack of democracy in this country! They shud call it demoncrazy.

  3. Asme: You’re right…Astro probably did get the movie free along with the package…or rather HBO-lah!!!!

    Gina: …..Scrabble’s not so nerdy…you can get some brain exercise…. yeah…demoncrazy’s the word…not to mention waste of public funds coz we seem to be paying for all that arsenal to battle ‘unhealthy’ elements ….

  4. Seen the show on pirated dvds

  5. Loved the movie, too. Everytime I can catch it on TV, I watch it. The characters are great, even to the way the one couple are such good parents to their son. The husband loves her even though she has stringy, dirty hair! I like Jen’s final boyfriend and their relationship. A great “read” (or “see”).


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