Jogger profiles revealed………


 I try to jog about 4 to 5 times a week in the evenings, weather & time permitting of course. I do it at a really big, beautiful & well landscaped park about 5 minutes from our home in KL. In the course of it, I have come to realize that there is quite a colourful mix of characters who make my jogging experience all the more interesting …….. 


1. Mr. Not An Ounce Of Fats a.k.a. Mr. Topless. This guy is lean & mean. His lithe body is compact with sinewy muscles & he sports a ‘hitam manis’ tan….. he undeniably carves an impressive figure in the park & he knows it. I’ve never once seen him wearing a shirt over his shorts. He’s always topless! He’s at the park everyday, rain or shine!! I think he will suffer from withdrawal symptoms if he doesn’t get his daily dose of adrenaline from jogging! Ironically, despite his healthy lifestyle, I notice he never fails to take a ‘puff” at the end of his jogging sessions. Obviously, taking a ‘breather’  ……….. 

2. Mr. Seremban Half Marathon. This guy is classic. He’s not lean, he’s not mean. In fact, he’s a little flabby (not fat) especially around his arms. Not toned at all. I know coz he’s always wearing sleeveless T’s. Why I wonder? Perhaps to show off his lack of a tan????? He’s really fair…. like ‘pak cham kai’ (white chicken as in Hainan Chicken rice) ….. definitely does not fit the profile of a jogger. Also very kiasu. I overtook him jogging once & …. he sprinted to overtake me back! Now, now, there’s no need to feel threatened by me…I’m just a recreational jogger, not a competitive jogger. Note my surprise when he passed me & I saw ….. Seremban Half Marathon…… at the back of his T-shirt! Aahahahahhhhhhhhh – no wonder he had to overtake me!

3. Ms. BIG & COOL. Picture Queen Latifah jogging. This best describes the lady. Love this gal. She consistently jogs in her micro mini shorts & tight T shirts, showing off her above average curves & proud of it! She carries her size with style. Way to go! Move aside stick figure gals, BIG is IN! BIG is HIP & HAPPENING!

4. Ms. Mainland Fashion. Day in Day out, she wears collared polo T’s. It’s always in shades of green. She always pairs it off with dark coloured track bottoms & ‘fung keong’ like shoes. Her straight black hair is always swept back into a pony tail. Her whole get-up is almost uniform-like. Somehow it reminds me very much of Mainland Chinese fashion i.e. as worn by those middle aged folk in the middle of park squares doing tai chi, ballroom dancing etc. Kudos to her despite her fashion challenges though.  Have never seen her walking round the park…. always jogging… great stamina.

5. Mr. Stocky. He’s part of Mr. Not An Ounce of Fat’s (NAOOF) jogging ‘pack’. Somehow, he cuts a stocky figure running next to NAOOF. Well, just goes to show God created us in different shapes and sizes. The thing is, this guy too, if you really look closely, does not have an ounce of fat. Just that his body structure is stockier and his limbs shorter hence creating the illusion that he is ‘fatter’. He’s not. Trust me, he’s fit too – if not he would not be able to run alongside NAOOF!!!!  

6. Mr. (s) Young and Cute. There are two of them. One Malay guy and one Chinese guy. Well…as some people would put it Eye Candy. No harm having them in the park. All the more incentive to go jogging.

7. Ms. Knee Band. Now this lady runs with a slight limp like she’s got an injury & she has a knee band to show for it but she puts me to shame. She can outrun me in terms of distance any time. Hey, aren’t you supposed to take it easy, let your muscles heal????? Would hate to see how she performs without the little limp!!!!

8. Mr. Great Posture. He towers over me (I’m short, remember?). This Indian guy’s 5′ 10″ or 11″ at least. Being lean & tall, he cuts the picture perfect figure of a jogger. He’s got great posture while jogging. He always runs with a straight body, always executing great heel toe motion & his head is always facing forward. Textbook jogging style. He’s also always attired appropriately in open cut silky shorts & sleeveless jogging singlets. What can I say? He is the epitome of a well-oiled jogging machine. This guy is a real pro!  

9. Mr. Hao Soon. ‘Hao Soon’ in Cantonese stands for filial. Now there’s this young guy who is always accompanying his father (who I believe is a stroke victim) for exercise. They are not exactly joggers but definitely there for some sort of therapy or exercise to acquire more mobility for the father. His father takes really really tiny & slow steps when walking. The beauty is the son accompanies him in taking these tiny, slow steps. He does not show any sign of impatience, nor does he show signs of displeasure or reluctance. The depth of filial piety & love shown by the young man is not a common sight as people get caught up in the rat race nowadays. You would more likely see maids put into the role of care giver in the family. It is a humbling sight indeed.

……………… Well, anyone inspired to take up jogging? I highly recommend it ….. it does not only give your body a good work out but your eyes as well!


3 responses to “Jogger profiles revealed………

  1. Nice profile of the joggers. Guess you must be really observing the jog buddies.

    I would love to see queenie latifah.

  2. Wah.. jogging also got profiles ah? Hahah! I wonder how would you describe me? I wouldn’t want to jog next to you. Hhahah! Change of lay out again huh?

  3. Gina: Ahahaha…. don’t worry, friends don’t get profiled – would love having you join us for jogging 🙂

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