Pair of Seven Jeans anyone?


Would you pay RM2,600 for a pair of jeans? ????

I read the other day in the newspapers that a pair of Seven For All Mankinds was retailing for RM2,600 at Bread & Butter, a high end clothing store at The Gardens………My reaction was…Huh???? What’s article of clothing was that? Couture? Gown? No, it was a humble pair of JEANS!!!!! Ummm, the most expensive I’ve ever paid for a pair of jeans was for my off black, boot cut Marks & Spencer’s stretch jeans & it was only 10% of that cost.

Then…… I found out that the jeans of today sport names like Seven for All Mankind, True Religion, Rock & Republic, Earnest Sewn, Citizens of Humanity. Double Huh???!!!!! Gosh, they sound more like rock groups than jeans’ lables. Forgive my ignorance as I grew up with Levi’s, Wranglers and Lee & Coopers  ….. 

Given that jeans have been around since the mid 19th Century, that makes it over a hundred and fifty years old & doesn’t seem to be making an exit any time soon. Evolving from work clothes to a fashion ‘must have’ judging by its price tag, it certainly merits a post to see if its worth paying so much for a pair of designer jeans!!!!!

THE HISTORY OF JEANS – Did you know that jeans were….. ???

1. born in the USA.

It was created by Leob Strauss in the 1850’s for Gold Rush miners in California, U.S.A. because they wanted clothes that didn’t tear easily. He later changed his name to the now more well known Levi. 

Its trademark lay in the strength of the denim material used, the indigo dye which produced the blue colour and the use of metal rivets (normally copper) to anchor the garment at the waist & pockets. 

2. only introduced to rest of the world during WWII

…when American soldiers wore them when they were off duty. It was only after the war when jeans got launched into the international scene that, rivals like Wrangler and Lee Cooper began to compete with Levis for a share of this new market

3. called ‘Waist Overalls’ until the ’50’s.  

Movies like ‘Rebel Without a Cause’  starring James Dean turned the humble jeans into a symbol of a teenage rebel. Students of those times, revelled in that image & they proudly renamed the ‘waist overalls’ jeans pants. The name stayed. 


4. a symbol of ‘Western decadence’ in the ’60’s

…as the Americans went into the Hippies & Cold War era. It was a hard ‘commodity’ to come by in non-western countries & US companies said that they often received letters from all over the world asking Americans to send jeans to them. Images of psychedelic (loud, vivid) colours, bell bottomed jeans come into mind!


5. ... synonymous with sweatshops in the 70’s

where production was concerned.  Workers came especially from the South (i.e. South America) & were paid very low wages. During this time jeans prices came down.

 FASHION/ LIFESTYLE – Did you also know that.…..??

1. … the iconic Levi 501s…

… which was a BIG HIT in the ’80’s was actually introduced in the ’60’s & ‘reintroduced’ in the ‘80’s. The traditional 501s are button fly jeans & need to to be shrunk to fit. So, launder your 501s before wearing them. Check this Classic 501 video ad out.

……………………………………….Cool!!!!!                                       levis501s-now.jpg

2. … jeans became a fashion statement only in the ’80’s…

… when the likes of Armani, Dolce & Gabana, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt started getting involved in the styling of jeans with their own lables. Boy did they make their own styles. 

  • In the 80’s – designer jeans got ripped, frayedtorn & coloured! Whites to pastels were as popular as stonewashed blue jeans.
  • In the 90’s, black designer jeans became popular for a while.
  • In 2000, designers were crystal beading, silver or gold spraying jeans amid   the tears, the frayed slashes. Some were even decked with fur & feather decoration.

In other words, jeans got a MAKE OVER & these jeans were proudly known as DESIGNER JEANS!

3. …  a new rise of body image brands emerged after the millenium.

Apart from Seven’s today there are many designer jeans brands to choose from such as Antik Denim, Chip & Pepper, Blue Cult, Kasil, Lucky Brand Jeans, Gold Sign, People’s Liberation, and many others.  Each of these designer jeans brands has a unique quality to them.  J & Company jeans are best known for their hand crafted detail and embroidered back pockets. 

Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Carmen Electra sport them. Celebrities wear them to photo shoots, talk shows, shopping, or when they’re just out getting a cup of coffee. …….It’s even sparked off a debate on whether it’s appropriate to use as office wear!

These brands boast of superior tailoring (which designers claim lifts butts & make you look 5 lbs slimmer – believe it or not); They are hand frayed, hand sanded, stone washed with volcanic stones, etc…..& they sport rock & roll -esque brand names… how about that for body image! 


Well, ……….now that we know a little bit of history for jeans, how it has evolved & how it’s made … perhaps we can understand why jeans of TODAY come with a whopping price tag …so back to the question:

Would you pay RM2,600 (plus Malaysia taxes and duties of course)  for a pair of jeans…. oops, I mean DESIGNER JEANS??? ?!!!!!!!!

Umm…its an emphatic NO for me…I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy it retail in Malaysia. If I were to buy it I’d be forced to wear it everyday to justify its cost & people would be wondering if I’ve suddenly developed some compulsive obsessive disorder. Looks like I’ve got to live with jeans that don’t lift butts & be contented with looking 5 lbs fatter!


Well, in case you’re planning to buy a pair of designer jeans……… these ratings might help………….. (click on individual links to each brand name in the table below for detailed reviews & sample looks)

Butt Factor(*)



Chip & Pepper








Blue Cult




Joe’s Jeans





(*) Butt Factor refers to how the tailoring of the back pockets help to lift your butt, making it look hot and sexy!



5 responses to “Pair of Seven Jeans anyone?

  1. Wow! That was a fantastic article. I found out so much about jeans in one reading than I ever did in my life.

    Always thought jeans were just jeans. So more, I buy bargain priced jeans.

  2. Ahahaha…thanks…actually I too did not know much about jeans until after researching this article. I have renewed respect for this piece of garment now. No matter what, I think its durable image stays…. can’t imagine going backpacking without a pair. Doesn’t tear so easily, can go two weeks without washing…ahahahaha 🙂

  3. Uhm.. I always got for normal, washed out blue jeans that could fit. Not much choice actually for people my size. hahaha!

  4. Gina: Oh but you should not be disheartened…do you know if you click on the Levi’s site, it will ask you for loose fit or tight fit, high waisted or low waisted…. & ouila… it’ll guide you to the jeans that you desire. Serious…check it out!

  5. The url you mailed surely doesn’t seem to work, does anybody at all have a mirror or backup link source?

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