It’s IDOL season again….. Asian Idol, I mean!

Asian Idol logo Who’s gonna win the Asian Idol……….?????

Yes, its Idol season again….this time its Asian Idol. I nearly missed the kickoff program to Asian Idol on 8TV, last Saturday …. both Fat Dragon & I had low energy levels on Saturday due to lack of sleep on Friday. But curiosity prevailed & I managed to stay up for a preview of all the contestants that will participate amidst Fat Dragons, grunts & snores…ahahahahhhh!!!!!

The main event will be held in Jakarta on December 15 (aired 11pm I think over 8TV) and the Result Show (Dec 16). I hope to catch the performance show at least, coz a competition that will pit winners of idol competitions from six Asian countries will be worth watching, in my opinion. Each contestant will have to sing 2 songs. One in their native language and one in English. It’ll not only be a battle of vocals but a battle of nerves, a battle for national pride! Wow…. it’ll be intense!

The winner goes home with an international recording contract and a free trip around the world to watch international Idol shows. Not bad! I notice a lack of hype in Malaysia for the event. Probably because the finals will be held in Jakarta. Pity. It would have been a great showcase for VMY2007. 

The six contestants are: 

  • Indonesian Idol – Mike Mohede, Season 2 Winner
  • Indian Idol – Abijeet Sawant, Season 1 Winner
  • Malaysian Idol – Jaclyn Victor, Season 1 Winner
  • Philippine Idol – Mau Marcelo, Season 1 Winner
  • Singapore Idol – Hady Mirza, Season 2 Winner
  • Vietnam Idol – Phu’o’ng Vy, Season 1 Winner.

Competition will be tough as all six have strengths in their own right. The kickoff featured snippet performances of all the idol winners & although the cliche goes ‘they are all winners’, we naturally have our personal favorites………

1. My first pick – Jaclyn Victor (Malaysian Idol).

 finale.jpg    Flash your smile Jaclyn …….

I’m biased of course but she’s already a winner in my eyes. I’m choosing her based on her vocal talents. She has earned many accolades & awards through the course of her music career especially after winning the Malaysian Idol contest in 2004. There is no denying, she’s got lovely vocals & great range. Coming from a singing background, she’s a seasoned performer. This should help Jaclyn deal with the nerves of facing a foreign audience. Good luck Jac!

2. My second pick is a tie between Mau Marcelo of the Phils & Phu’o’ng Vy of Vietnam.

mau-marcelo-phils.jpg …………Mau, the Soul Idol

Passionate is how I would describe her singing. Mau was dubbed the Soul Idol” and “The Black Belter” at the 2006 Phil Idol competition for her R&Bstyle.  She can even carry Shirley Bassey’s ‘Diamonds are forever’ with ease. Her soulful style can probably be traced back to her roots. Marcelo’s father is an American citizen of African and Spanish blood from Puerto Rico while her mother is Filipina.  Talk about a real melting pot of passion in her DNA! No wonder the big momma’s got so much soul in her. I’m rooting for her. My only fear is that talent alone is not enough to wow the audience. You need to sell your personality which is why I tied her with Vy from Vietnam.

phuong-vy-viet.jpg ………. oooh, the sexy sultry Vy

Vy is fresh from the oven, so to say. She just won the Vietnam Idol contest 2 months ago. She could not be more different from Mau. When I heard her sing, it just made me want to sway with the music as she belted out jazzy tunes in a smooth & classy manner. Her sultry bass tone shows off a maturity that does not quite coincide with her youthful image but its a winning formula for contests like these. She’s also a bit of a fashion diva which will put her high on the popularity scale. Her only shortcoming is her poor command of the English Language. It is reported that she’s taking intensive English lessons to prep for her mandatory English song. Good Luck Vy! Don’t let it get to you!

3. My third pick would be Abhijeet Sawant, the Indian Idol.

abhijeet-sawant-india.jpg   …… how charming can you get, Sawant!

He’s a breath of fresh air & despite being a petite man, he has a large stage presence. His voice is not powerful per se but very melodious especially when he was belting out Indian songs during the kickoffs. He’s got a real charmer of a smile though & his boyish good looks should strike many a maiden’s fancy & move a lot of fingers for their SMS’s. There’s a lot of national pride in this young man, as he is competing in the Asian Idols with a mission in mind i.e. to promote Indian music to the world & to win! Aye Aye Sawant.

4. My 4th pick would be Mike Mohede, the Indonesian Idol.

mike-mohede-indonesia.jpg  ……. Mike, the gentle giant!

Somehow I keep picturing this gentle giant serenading a girl in the moonlight with his guitar. His top 24 winning rendition of ‘Right Here Waiting for You’  by Karl Marx rings out in my head. Well, I’m not into sickly romantic renditions, hence Mike is not my favorite. He’s got a sweet voice in my opinion but lacking the WOW factor. But you’ll never know, he’s probably melted a lot of hearts already & he’s got home ground advantage as the event will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia ……

5. My last pick, Hady Mirza – the Singapore Idol.

hady-mirza-spore.jpg  ………. Platinum Hady

No offence to Hady but amongst the power house voices from the first 3 on my list, he would pale in comparison in terms of vocals. He’s known for his smooth R&B voice & charming personality. Let’s see if that’s enough to charm the audience & judges …. going by the sales of his self titled album which went Platinum in Singapore ……. you’d never know!  (FYI: In S’pore, the threshold number for Platinum is 15,000 copies).

At the end of the day, you can probably throw my list straight into the bin. We all know that these contests are as unpredictable as the wind…. its debatable on whether talent prevails over popularity or the other way round. Nevertheless we, the audience get two watch 2 hours of good performances, hopefully.


P.S. ARE YOU WONDERING HOW THE VOTING PROCEDURE WILL GO? : Think of how they’re going to tabulate votes fairly for each contestant given the wide disparity in population numbers for the different countries :

  • India (1.1b),  
  • Indonesia (235m), 
  • Philippines (91m),
  • Vietnam (85.3m),
  • Malaysia (25m),
  • Singapore (4.6m).

I mean if it goes by number of votes …. Singapore would get trounced by even the likes of Malaysia…..!!!!

Unlike the other IDOL shows, the voting procedure for Asian Idol requires viewers to vote for 2 favorite Idols, thus allowing contestants to receive votes aside from their respective countries.

As consideration on population size among the participating countries, tabulation of votes are done through an “Equal & Even Cumulative Method”, wherein the total votes of each country are converted into percentages. The winner will be determined through 50% viewers’ votes and 50% judges scores.

Well, we’ll see if it this system delivers this weekend….but one thing’s for sure the PHONE COMPANIES are laughing & singing (of course) all the way to the BANK!!!!


6 responses to “It’s IDOL season again….. Asian Idol, I mean!

  1. I am afraid Jaclyn Victor is not in Mau Marcelo’s league for voice control and her voice quality can’t beat Phuong Vy’s.

    My choice for Asian Idol would be –

    Mau Marcelo
    Phuong Vy
    Jaclyn Victor
    Mike Mohede
    Abijeet Sawant
    Hady Mirza

  2. i would like Abhijeet Sawant and Hady Mirza. Acoording to me they both r the best and hope the idol will be chosen from this two……………………………….

  3. I think the Vietnamese look really hot! Hehe! I saw Guy Sebastian just now.. I think he looks weird without his afro!

  4. Asme: Ahahahah…we should have tilted our list upside down & we would have got it right!!!
    Garvita: Thanks for your comment. Spot on for your choices I must say….. Congrats!
    Gina: Yes, Vy’s really cut eh? Like the judge Ken Lim said, she’s got a whole load of commercial value…

  5. I tot m’sia idol should win!!! But that vietnamese idol was quite hot!Don’t u think?

  6. AIYO why why!!!!?????

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