And the winner for the First Asian Idol is ……………….





………………  HADY  MIRZA  ……………



….. Yes, its Hady Mirza, the Singapore Idol who was crowned the First Asian Idol last Sunday. What a shock for me as he was last on my list….. & I think a lot of people did not expect him to win either! Only 2.83% of bloggers chose him as the winner in an online poll conducted by blogspot’s E-Channel. But there’s no doubt about it, he’s the WINNER!

Well, like I said…. these competitions which are based on votes are as unpredictable as the wind. You might as well turn my list upside down, then I would’ve got it right. Thank God I’m not into gambling…… I would lose sorely!!!!!!!!

I think Hady was shocked too….. coz there was a momentary delay in his reaction when his name was called out by Ata (the Indon stage host). Then he just collapsed onto his knees with his hands clasped over his face…..!!!!! Unbelievable!! The other contestant looked just as shell shocked for the matter…ahahahahhhh!!!!!! An upset though it may have been, these are popularity contests & he could very well have benefited from the dual voting system which was originally designed to even out the disparity of the country populations.

As Fat Dragon analysed, you would vote for your favorite & the least favorite, to increase the chances of winning for the singer of your choice …

Eg: You would vote


and not


This system serves to backfire chances of winning for the strong contestants therefore leading up to more votes for weakers contestants like Vy, & Hady who were not particularly singled out by the judges for their performances as strong. But that’s just a theory!

At the end of the day, I believe Hady possesses the discipline & savvy to represent Asian talent to the international platform.  And that is the most important thing!

Personally, I think this First Asian Idol show was a success of sorts. RCTI the largest TV station in Indonesia managed to produce a grand performance show & result show in collaboration with staff from the Australian Idol, Canadian Idol & World Idol shows. The venue (Hall D, Pekan Raya Jakarta) was mammoth sized & it could carry an audience capacity of 5,000.

The singers performed to the accompaniment of music produced by a full orchestra band  (which boasted of some lovely people too) & the backup dancers provided a visual feast. It was entertaining to see them move & groove to both Asian & Western numbers. As for the stage, I loved the giant screens which came out with fantastic images as the contestants sang. Even Hady commented that he was ‘nervous’ to perform on such a big stage.

What better way to bring about the spirit of unity than through music, I say! It was lovely to see the predominantly Indonesian crowd cheering not only for their Indonesian Idol but also for all the other 5 idols from different countries. So heartwarming indeed. We were treated to Indian music, Malay music, English music, Filipino music, Vietnamese music ….I could just feel the richness & diversity of the individual cultures depicted by the 6 individuals in the competition . Wonderful! And talking about unity, when Jac & Hady  finished performing a duet for George Michael’s ‘Freedom’, Jien (the M’sian host) commented, “… Malaysia & Singapore in PERFECT HARMONY and we don’t see that very often…..” . Well said, Jien!  

So, all is not lost, let’s move on & wish Hady all the best in showcasing Asia to the world.

THE BEST MAN WON (so says the SMS votes)!


5 responses to “And the winner for the First Asian Idol is ……………….

  1. ha ha ha… reality show

  2. SayangAyah: Yes indeed…reality show alright!!!! Well I guess pretty much sums up life in general too, eh?…Unpredictable. 🙂

  3. That is what reality shows all about. The best doesn’t necessary win. That’s reflective of life.

    The unity shown during the show is so touching. If only the world could break down all those cultural walls, religious pit holes and racial barriers. Then again, it is a reality show and does not reflect life.

  4. kucherrr merry christmas to you n ku cheong have a good one hor!! and yeye says: beware of all the drunkards on the road.. caackle! have a good trip!

  5. EEEEEEyer HOW the hell Hardi Mirza winnnn!!!!!(sign…….) His voice is also totally yuckkey!!!!

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