Ugly Malaysians rear their head…..!

thumbs-down.jpg I witnessed an ugly scene last Saturday – Jan 5 at about 9 pm. Fat Dragon & I were at the Pavilion GSC Cinema to catch Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure. We had a great time at the movies but the experience was marred by seeing Ugly Malaysians rearing their heads at the parking lot….

It all started with a system fault for the auto pay machines at the Pavilion’s carpark. As we inserted our parking cards, the machine rejected our cards & glared at us with a big red screen! We tried paying at other machines but to no avail… I guess the machines had only gone down a short time before coz a crowd had not built up around the machines yet.

Fat Dragon then drove me to another section of the parking lot. While he waited in the car, I went over to try paying at one of the machines there. No luck. A parking personnel who was working on one of the machines then directed me to the parking management office accordingly. This was fortunately close to where I was at & I quick stepped my way there as a big group was also moving towards that direction…

Fortunately I was 5th in the queue…. but then again I waited about half an hour before I could pay. Only one poor soul was assigned to collect money there & he had to calculate the parking fee manually from the information on the bar code. Then he had to write & issue the receipts …… To make matters worse, there was a lady who lost her parking ticket thereby slowing down the process further….. The crowd built up to at least 40 – 50 people in time…..

Well that’s when the drama began… I started hearing people scolding…. & the poor soul handling the tickets who was joined by another colleague suffered the following verbal abuse silently, from the angry crowd:

  • “What is this man??….. MANUAL calculation only ah…. dunno whether  know how to count or not?!”
  • “Macam tahi-lah …. this is supposed to be a 5 star Shopping Mall?”
  • You should give us FREE PARKING-lah”
  • “Open up the gates lah & let us through… its YOUR SYSTEM that is down …. not our fault”
  • “What – you cannot make decision one ah? You got no mouth one ah…. cannot talk ah?” 

The above excerpts were just the beginning I suppose but I did not stick around to hear more. After paying, I quickly reunited with Fat Dragon only to join the car queue which built up towards the exit at B1. It was 9.45pm by the time we hit Jalan Bukit Bintang.

I know this was a very frustrating situation for the people queueing. But then again think about it…. the guy collecting money is just following instructions.  The management was at fault for not posting someone with authority in the line of fire & it was not fair to take it out on the guy who had the misfortune of being assigned this task.  As if all this verbal abuse is going to help the situation. In my opinion, it’d probably make the poor guy more nervous thereby slowing down the paying process further. Besides, if the people in the queue had been more observant… the gates had ALREADY opened up & there was someone collecting money at the gates!!!!!! Talk less & open up your eyes for God’s sake. Don’t hurl your abuse at some poor soul who is just a salaried worker. If you wanted to express your discontent…WRITE to the PAPERS or something. 

I do not blame people for being angry & frustrated but being apart of a social network, we have to remember that civility & basic courtesy should not be lost as we get caught up with urbanisation. Yes, we live in a world of free expression. Complaining is one thing but I disagree if we resort to bullying tactics & to down trod on people who some might think of as ‘unimportant’ beings! Don’t forget, at the end of the day, we are all equals when we get returned to our CREATOR one day.  



3 responses to “Ugly Malaysians rear their head…..!

  1. Ugly Malaysians are everywhere. They exist amongst our friends as well. It is the result of everyone chasing after wealth and status, losing ethic values along the way.

  2. Aiyoh. So sad. The poor sod must be shivering under constant pressure. Pavillion management is a dickhead lah. That is why I never go to Pavillion. Never bother. SOme more parking so damn expensive.

  3. I agree Malaysians are ugly and Mat Rempits are Idiots!!!!!

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