Prayer for a loved one ….

Weird morning…… Received bad news with regards to a close member of the family’s health….

I will not pretend to understand what sort of feelings a person goes through at times like these. I will not even profess to understand the feeling of helplessness, the anger, the stress & the pain …………of a person who finds out that he/she suffers from the big C.  Different people have different reactions. Some want to be surrounded by loved ones. Some want to be left alone.  Even the strongest people can crumble at times like these. Who knows what kind of emotional storm is brewing in their minds & the inevitable ‘Why me?’ question….. the only thing left for loved ones to do is to offer emotional support & to offer them a positive outlook towards the situation. That’s the best thing I can think of at this point of time.  

Mortality & illness. It’s nature’s way of reminding us how fragile life is. How vulnerable we are as human beings…….

I am reading this book now about problems in life …. it says, life’s filled with walls…either we climb it or we build a door to get past it. The only time when a person has no problems is when he/ she is dead. So the best way to deal with adversities in life is to suck it up & learn to handle the problem. The book teaches you that problems are nature’s way of hauling you out of your comfort zone to help you grow strong as a person. ……..


Please pray for LYL, my sis in law who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I pray that she will come out this challenge in life a winner…. & this prayer is my little way of offering my energy to help her build a door past life’s wall.  


9 responses to “Prayer for a loved one ….

  1. Life has a way of creeping up on you when you least expected it. What separates each and everyone of us is how we deal with it. It is important to remain positive all the time.

    Let’s examine how serious is the case first before we move on with our actions. Meanwhile, there is always hope and prayer.

  2. Asme: Thank you for your words of encouragement. Hav always been able to count on you for strength. You’re my rock. Need that…a bit of a wild horse streak in me…always reacting with my heart, not my mind.

  3. This is probably the 3rd case I hear this month alone – the big C.

    I guess we just need to keep being hopeful and optimistic.

  4. May God bless my mommy and cure her from cancer

  5. Brian: God will bless your mommy!

  6. Gina: Yes, it is important to be positive… sometimes, life has a way of hitting you below the belt eh?

  7. Hey ku chea my mom is ok!!!!!!!!!!!! She will be fine!!!

  8. Brian: See….told ya God will bless your mommy!!!!!!!!!!

  9. tank ya!!!

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