….Halfway through the Chinese New Year of 2008…

pink-flower.jpg……….Well, it’s the 8th day of the Chinese New Year (CNY) today & this means that we’re halfway through the 15 day celebration for the CNY of 2008.  It has been eventful and memorable in its own way so far ………. 

Our family reunion dinner menu was a little different this year. We had the normal lotus root soup (lin ngau – every year you have), but strayed away from the fried black pomfret (yu – doubles up in sound for abundance), oyster & hair veggie (hou si fatt choi – good things & prosperity).   Instead we had homemade b-b-q pork (which was yummy), 2 roast ducks & raw fish. And my dear nephew even prepared a delicious fruit cocktail for us to enjoy for dessert later. Needless to say we were full to the brim that night. Probably packed a good extra 5 lbs too………

Fat Dragon & I caught up with some of his old Paulian mates this CNY. Guess the Old Boy’s reunion dinner in Aug, last year helped Fat Dragon reestablish contact with some long lost friends. It was great for me to meet new people & to hear stories of the past…especially the naughty ones. It was even great to see the other wives look shocked to hear the stories of the past … coz obviously they had no inkling of what their beloved was up to before… Never fear … it’s the naughty ones that become real stable when they’re middle aged … they’ve ‘been there, done it’ I say.      

We had an unexpected visitor during the CNY…… His name was Mylo & he’s a 2 month old Chihuahua. I’m not sure if he even weighs 3 lbs….seriously. He’s the latest member of the Fg Family & what a delight it was to see this teenie weenie little dog romping & sniffing around. His antics really put a smile on everyone’s face especially since he had a new collar around his neck. Every two steps he took was punctuated with a irritated scratch from his hind leg….. If he could talk he’d probably be saying “What on earth is this hanging over my neck……. why on earth am I not able to scratch it away…?) Well, he sure did wear himself out coz by the end of the evening… he crawled voluntarily into the little shoulder bag of the owner & tucked himself into a foetal position for a well deserved night’s rest!

We were privileged enough to be the select few invited to a Roaring Fortier’s OPEN HOUSE on the 2nd day of the CNY. The reason being – it was the NON HALAL session …. ahahaahahahahaha!!!!! (The Halal OPEN HOUSE was scheduled for the following day…… to which we were also invited but we politely declined, of course. More fun to be in the NON HALAL session).  It was so hilarious coz there was a free flow of roast pork (siew yok), wine & beer. Mind you the owners of the house had 5 crates of beer in their house that day thanks to Tesco which was selling them for as high as RM98.88 to as low as RM91.88 per crate. I absolutely agreed with them that the logical thing to do is to BUY BUY BUY more, to average the cost DOWN! Makes great economic sense.

Amid all the boozing & ‘porky’ intake, we managed to hook up on MSN Messenger with a Roaring Fortier who is living way up in London …..  it was delightful to have a reunion this way… & one needs to thank the innovations in technology for keeping friends together no matter how far away they are….

…Soon the CNY celebrations will be over. However, I will always appreciate the time of fellowship with loved ones & friends. Yes, time flies, but good friendship & family remain eternal. ……..

…….Let’s toast to that……

(compliments of Tesco’s RM91.88 per crate Carlsberg beer – limited days only)


5 responses to “….Halfway through the Chinese New Year of 2008…

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, today, as well!!!

  2. Pink Jeans: YES – Happy Valentine’s Day (belated) to you & fly as well. Hope you had a good one!

  3. Well, another fully packed weekend is coming up. Let’s make the most ot it.

    My only regrets for teh new year is that I put on the 4 kilos I have lost in January 2008.

  4. Hey… glad to see you are doing all the gluttony sins during this CNY! I wss not spared myself.. esp when your bday coincide with CNY and V-day itself. I am still burping from the lemongrass beef stir fried meehoon I had at Bong Sen just now. *Burp*

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. Asme: Indeed this weekend will be busier than last…. yes, let’s make the most of it & enjoy…As for the 4 kilos gained….no worries, the important thing is to keep up the exercise…

    Gina: Ahahaahaha….indeed all of us are guilty of gluttony sins during festive periods…. looks like you didn’t stay home after all & embarked on another culinary adventure. Good for you. Happy B’day, Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy 8th Day of CNY to you..!!!!

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