…… Of obsessive compulsive disorders ……

I have been labled an obsessive-compulsive by Fat Dragon…. the reason being…
  • I cannot stand dirt in the house…so you will find me standing over you with a broom or a mop if you drop crumbs on the floor… I own 3 mops, 3 brooms, 3 pails….& numerous cleaning rags
  • When I have a task at hand, I obsess over it until its done. For example, when I’m researching & preparing a lesson plan, I sometimes don’t stop for meals. It’s just me… I just don’t like things hanging in the air…! Last year, I undertook the job of painting the garden walls of our house all by myself …once I got started…I couldn’t stop – & I ended up sunburnt! Sigh…
  • When I anticipate a happy event, I will get over excited & mull over it until I cannot sleep
  • When I worry, I will obsess over the cause of the worry…again…until I cannot sleep

According to Wikipedia:

“The phrase “obsessive-compulsive” has worked its way into the wider English lexicon, and is often used in an offhand manner to describe someone who is meticulous or absorbed in a cause  ……. It is also important to distinguish obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) from other types of anxiety, including the routine tension and stress that appear throughout life.  Although these signs are often present in OCD, a person who shows signs of infatuation or fixation with a subject/object, or displays traits such as perfectionism, does not necessarily have OCD, a specific and well-defined condition”.

HURRAY – so I’m NOT an obsessive compulsive after all, ummm…. not in clinical terms, that is. The broader English Language term seems to confirm I am one though …. sigh…

Do you remember the character that Jack Nicholson played in the comedy ‘As Good As It Gets”? You probably had a good laugh when he displayed some of the antics below but they really were classic manifestations / symptoms of an obsessive compulsive ……

  • he felt the need to wash his hands repeatedly.
  • he cleared his throat repeatedly even though there wasn’t a need to
  • he had a counting system arranging numbers in specific groups i.e. he went through the ritual of locking his apartment door three times every night before he went to sleep.
  • he had a fear of contamination especially when he confronted bodily secretions like urine, feces (hence his fear of getting close to his neighbour’s dog), saliva, sweat etc
  • he had a need for his body to feel evenly balanced hence he was careful to walk only on the flat tile surfaces of the walkway and not on the cracks….

Glad to declare I have none of the above symptoms displayed. PHEW! In real life, having an obsessive compulsive disorder is no laughing matter indeed. In fact, it is a condition which requires medical intervention be it in the form of drugs or even therapy. However, the good news is, most of us who think we have an OCD are really just ‘meticulous’ or maybe just ‘perfectionists’!! 

Well, come to think about it,  you could even be calling me a TIGHT A**    for all I care ………………….. but then, sure beats being labelled an obsessive compulsive, no? 




6 responses to “…… Of obsessive compulsive disorders ……

  1. I truly hope you are meticulous or a perfectionist. Can’t imagine you going to the loo every 15 minutes to wash your hands.

  2. I just used to go back to the car park to check if my car is locked all the time. Now I don’t care anymore. Haha!

  3. Hahaha! My daughter thinks I have OCD…wait till she finds out about you, you meticulous worrisome freak ;-)!

  4. Asme: You don’t seem convinced that I don’t have OCD! Hmm, let’s see, how many times did I wash my hands today…….?
    Gina: In this case having OCD could save your car from being stolen…..ahahahaahah
    Pink Jeans: Guilty as charged….Meticulous worrisome freak signing off

  5. All of my friends think I have OCD, but I read up on it and I don’t think I do.
    I mean, I don’t walk on the cracks in the sidewalk, and I eat my skittles two at a time and they must be the same color, and I also fold my trash before I throw it away, would you think I have it?

  6. 24 August 2009

    I was looking for an image for an advertisement/business logo and found the cleaning woman cartoon illustration.
    Could you tell me
    1. does it belong to you
    2. if it does could I use it
    3. if it doesn’t do you know who it belongs to

    Please contact me at tinamichaelides@yahoo.co.uk

    Many thanks

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