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….Women in Malaysian politics…

Warning: This is not a political blog…..

 I was having breakfast at Delifrance the other day & before I knew it…. a tall young lass, approached me & greeted me in a soft spoken voice. She then declared herself to be Haslinda Mohd Zerain – the candidate who is being fielded by BN in the Bukit Antarabangsa Constituency. She then handed me a biodata sheet outlining her law education & her qualifications were duly noted. 

Although I have no political inclinations towards the party, I welcome the move to bring in fresh faces, women particularly into the general elections. We need more women in Malaysian politics…….. an opinion obviously shared by women leaders of our time…

Selangor Puteri Umno deputy chief Rina Mohd Harun said the selection of two Puteri Umno leaders — Haslinda Mohd Zerain and Roselinda Abdul Jamil — to contest in the general election was a recognition of the wing and the young generation.”

The chance meeting brought to mind another petite young lass who is being fielded by BN Carol Chew Chee Lin for Kuala Lumpur’s Seputeh seat.  Carol is only 28 years old.

BN is obviously tapping onto the winning formula & popularity of some of  the women candidates representing the Opposition parties namely. DAP. Some of the names that come to mind will be veteran Teresa Kok (Seputeh) & the feisty Fong Po Kuan in the Batu Gajah seat who was the youngest woman MP elected during her time.  Teresa is well known for her quick response to residence problems & Fong fights tooth & nail to defend for ethnic related issues and women’s issues at Parliament level. 

The outcome of the general elections might or might not be the desired one, but, I am just glad that there is a move by some political parties to acknowledge the need for Venuses in politics…This is a welcome change as we need to neutralise the testesterone ridden Draconian sexists that resided in the old Parliament…… i.e. the ones that came out with idiotic statements women ‘leaked every month’ and that wearing short skirts was undesirable as you could see a ‘tunnel’ between the legs when sitting down.

To the women candidates in the 2008 General Elections, you might be a fresh young face or you might be a seasoned veteran, you might represent the current ruling party or the opposition. I wish you all the best in the coming polls. I applaud you for your achievements & I hope that you will make use of your positions wisely in representing the fairer sex in politics. May the best woman win. May your voice be heard. May you bring some semblance of basic civility back into Parliamentary proceedings.  In short, please KICK some ASSES for us….thank you!


P.S. For those who are curious as to why one of the readers commented about Carol Chew’s sexist conduct during the election campaign, please see the following link.