Daily Archives: March 6, 2008

…Banana People Blues…



We are named after this beloved fruit 

Whose skin outside is yellow to suit,

Whose fruit inside is white as off-white could be,

How? You might wonder, did this stereotype come to be?

Well, we too, sport a yellow skin,

But our tongues wag white, which is not in kin

“If you don’t speak Chinese….,” so they say,

“You are not Chinese enough!” and that’s the way.

Our own kind deem to treat us like weed,

And that hurts very much indeed,

We dream of a nation united, is always the case,

But how could that be, when united we are not as a race?

Call us whatever name you like,

Banana People are strong as a dyke

Within us, there is NO colour divide

Within us, UNITY will reach far and wide.

P.S. I am a true blue Banana person and have been one since the day I was born. I am currently learning to speak and write Mandarin but I would like to issue a disclaimer. I am doing it purely for personal development and not in response to claims that Banana People are ‘not Chinese enough’. Frankly who cares if you say I’m not Chinese enough …. I AM MALAYSIAN!!!!