Down Memory Lane…

Nationalists & historians would of course look upon the British Colonial era as something representing oppression & suppression… but there are some things left over from the colonial days which should be cherished & appreciated…


We stayed at a holiday bungalow called Hilltop in Cameron Highlands, which is run and owned by the Eu Yan Sang group, over Election weekend.

The colonial influence is evident in the Tudor inspired architecture  of the bungalow. This is reflected in the use of rough sawn timber on the outside of the house to create a post and beam look. The two tiered grounds are beautifully landscaped & although a little run down, the house is cosy enough! 

The four room bungalow comes complete with multiple fire places (can you see the chimneys in the picture?) &  a solid wood flooring, all in keeping with the cool highland weather. It also contains a vast array of antique furniture ranging from the dining table, the chairs, right down to the bedroom armoires & dressing tables.  All the doors of the house still have antiquated iron locks and keys ……. of which Mrs. Chong the housekeeper would never fail to remind us “Turn the key gently please…… if it breaks, there isn’t any locksmith left ALIVE who’d be able to duplicate the keys!” …. umm.. point duly noted Mrs. Chong!

Everything held a fascination for me personally, the taps, the tiles, the clawfoot bathtubs….. seriously, everything. If you look closely at the oversized sinks in the bathroom,  there is even a cool leopard logo (or is it a cheetah?) and it proudly prints “Made in England”. Gosh, it must be over 100 years old. Though old, the sinks are in good condition & of the finest quality unlike the cheap ceramics & bath taps of today.

The place is brimming with history……& now that Mrs. Chong the resident housekeeper is leaving, I fear part of the bungalow’s history is probably leaving with her. After 20 plus years of service, she has become part of the holiday home’s identity. She runs a tight one woman ship (plus a helper, if the crowd is large). The aroma of her scones wafts through the house during tea time and she can whip up a complete full course Western dinner that would leave you bursting at the seams. Her Roast Leg of Lamb is a real kick-ass meal ….! When a Roaring Fortier asked her better half “What is the most memorable thing in Cameron?“…he replied “The LAMB“. Well…. so much for good company, eh?

We now live in the 21st century where quaint dwellings with multiple nooks and corners have been replaced by buildings with clean architectural lines using fuss free materials like steel & glass! I hope that bungalows like Hill Top will remain as it is & never get demolished. Yes, it might be run down but god forbid that it be torn down to build a modern high rise structure which is economically more viable. We have enough of that all over. It lacks character. It lacks identity. Its STERILE. Everything from the facade, to the interior should be preserved, for the sake of history!

We all need to be reminded of what it was like when we go down memory lane ………………!!!  

P.S. If you have plans to stay at the Bungalow, you need to call Euco to make reservations. Do call weeks ahead as weekends are normally fully booked.

P.P.S. The map below given in the website is a bit vague. Important thing is, when you get to Camerons (direction from Tapah), head towards the Golf Course. When you see the green on the right, look out for the Dahlia Apartments which is situated on the left hand side of the road. Turn left when you see it. You will see a road fork straight after turning, keep left. After that you will come to another road fork…keep right. This will bring you along the private road leading to Hilltop, perched alone on top of its own private hill.


6 responses to “Down Memory Lane…

  1. Wow, what a lovely looking bungalow. I for one, love antiquated stuff with a history, just luurve things from an era gone-by. Wish I were there…

  2. Pink Jeans: Yes, its lovely isn’t it. I too, love antiquated stuff, every inch of the bungalow was an experience for me. …..

  3. So glad that we have the opportunity to experience the ambience of the bungalow. Heard that the lease is of the place is expiring. There is high possibilty that it would be gone like the Bok House.

  4. asme: Yes, that’s what I’m worried about….wish that there was more respect for old buildings in Malaysia ….. Happy though to have stayed there twice… it sure beats staying in a hotel – ANYTIME!!!! Thanks for the pic…

  5. With reference to the Hilltop Bungalow in Cameron Highlands, is it still for short term rental of 3 to 4 days? Sounds like Mrs Chong is no more the house keeper, is it still the same atmosphere then? How do we make reservation?
    And lastly, are there any alternative Bungalow such as Hilltop to rent. Thanks in advance.
    warmest regards
    wai meng

  6. Wai Meng: The bungalow is managed by the Euco group of companies. You can call Haslinda up at 03-78456973 to make your bookings. (Check Euco link in the blog).

    As for the atmosphere, indeed it’ll be different without Mrs. Chong especially in the food catering department. However, it would not be fair for me to comment on the subject as I hav not spoken to anyone who’s gone there after Mrs. Chong’s departure. Do tell if you decide to stay there – let us know if the place is still a cozy vacation getaway!

    As for other bungalows, I have no idea really but I think the Lake house rooms offer a grand colonial experience too. Bala’s chalets too look real cute….. Enjoy!

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