Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

… Love mattress anyone???


Too bad Valentine’s day is over…….I came across the funniest product that won the coveted Red Dot Furniture Design award in Germany & I nearly fell off my chair laughing. It’s a LOVE mattress. 

Tell me, how many of you end up with pins and needles along your arms after a cuddling exploit in bed? … Umm… that’s a no brainer answer of course!

Mr. Mojtabavi Mehdi, an award winning designer who hails from Tehran, Iran came up with a solution during a ‘brilliant’ light bulb moment – Why not design a foam block which is flanked by ten, 3-inch wide foam slats which are slung together on either ends of the mattress, respectively.  The slats are supposed to provide an avenue for the limbs to escape to while cuddling, thereby preventing them from being pressured by the partner’s body weight, hence alleviating numbness.  Here’s the “blue print” of the mattress ….



Since the top and bottom halves of the mattress are slatted, you can then slot…….

….. your ARMS like this ….


  or your FEET like that …………


How about that?…. Aahahahhhh, so, LOVE MATTRESS anyone??? Indeed worth thinking about …..

Dunno about your response but Mr. Mojtabavi sure is “passionate” about this product. In an interview with an online home magazine, he stresses that the act of embracing in bed is “important for strengthening relationships; However, what usually stops this pleasant state is not mental tiredness, it is physical weakness”. …  By that, I guess he means to do away with you getting your circulation cut off when your partner’s body weight conforms to the forces of gravity onto your arm …… or your feet! 

The mattress is currently a prototype but has won many awards since being unveiled ….. !!! Wow, see how excited Westerners get when you talk about bedroom issues…??

Hmmm…I do have some serious questions in my mind related to this product…..

  1. Umm… what sheets do you use for these mattresses… you mean we have to individually wrap the slats at the upper and lower half of the mattress …whoa, housekeeping nightmare, not to mention having to buy customised sheets along with it!
  2. Now I wonder how comfy a foam block with slats would be….. imagine if you’re in an air conditioned room, you wanna get warm & cozy under the blanket…suddenly a cold draft drifts up from the slats at the bottom….

Well, maybe that’s why its still a prototype. Oh well, for the sake of a GOOD CUDDLE, I’m sure we can ALL make some allowances 🙂

Bring on the love, baby!

p.s. I wonder what Lillian Too  has to say about this mattress. Do you remember those Queen/ King sized beds sets which come with separate mattresses so as to minimize disturbances when the other person moves? ….Well there was a big NO NO from her! Not good feng shui, she says. Significant of a split relationship. Wah…. what a nightmare it would be for her to explain 10 splits on the top half and 10 splits at the bottom half of the love mattress.

p.p.s. Well, it sure isn’t bad feng shui for Mr. Mojtabavi ….. given the awards he’s been garnering in addition to the mattress design! His hanger and his tape dispenser  designs have also won him awards …. Fancy that!