Postcards from the East…..

A  jaunt to the East Coast with my soul mate, 2 small chocolate tarts, some plums & jambu air pretty much sums up the highlight of my birthday this year. Quiet affair but nice.

As time goes by, I guess the simpler things in life are the most special. 

Thank you Fat Dragon for presenting me with a gift that can document precious moments into collages like the above! (Although I suspect you’re beginning to regret the purchase given that you are now living under the same roof with a resident papparazzo!)

Thank you ALL who sent me birthday messages and especially to FT, ST & KC for the lovely audio message.

I loved Sharon’s ‘defy your age’ ecard which sums up my Roaring Fortier’s celebration perfectly! Check out the card here!

It is indeed the ATTITUDE that counts, not the NUMBER!

Viva La Roaring Fortiers! AYE AYE!

 P.S. Would like to extend birthday wishes to two birthday buddies of mine CLY & ELS! Have a good one my fellow Arians…….. Rock On!!!!

P.P.S. CLY & I talked about receiving Red Porsches as birthday presents aeons ago … guess we’re still waiting and have to settle for just thumbnail pics like the one below… . O.K. for a Porsche, I’ll stray from my simple life mantra a bit…  🙂  


5 responses to “Postcards from the East…..

  1. Spending a great time is only 10% of what you do or where you go but 90% is about who you do it with.

    Thank you for a great time. Wish we could make it grander but alas for the problem of time. Maybe next year dearie!

  2. Hey May! Happy belated birthday! Can see you had a great one. 😀

  3. Asme: Hey, watcha talking’ about… the weekend was fab..couldn’t ask for more!

    Gina: Thanks for your b’day wishes …. yup another year has passed…time flies eh? Numbers definitely climbing… that’s why I get ‘defy your age’ e cards…ahahahahaahh!

  4. Glad you had a great birthday…was reminding myself to wish you since the beginning of April but when the day came, I was too busy lamenting the lack of sun in Spain…

  5. Pink Jeans: No worries there…. you were in Spain??? Was w’dring why you were AWOL from skype…. 🙂

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