…. a few of my favourite things ……

You know we all have a few items that we lable our favourite things….

Let’s see. One of my top favourites has to be this miniature perfume bottle.  It stands only about 2 inches tall. I got it from my sis-in-law LYL as a souvenir from one of her business travels overseas when I was 16 or 17 years old. Forgive me if I can’t remember the exact time …  it really was from way back then… I’ve still got it … It’s a beautiful oval bottle with a ‘to die for’ cap which holds the shape of a pair of doves in flight, nuzzling each other at the beak  ….. Just look at the intricate design of this bottle – all packed into this tiny crystal package. Precious as it is, I have never used the perfume. In fact I’m not even sure what brand it is. The bottle has withstood the ravages of time very well, although I can’t say the same for the contents. Some of the liquid has evaporated over the years but … the doves remain as mesmerising as ever before.


My 2nd favourite thing might strike you as odd, ….. but then, I’m an Obsessive Compulsive, remember? Well, you probably wouldn’t even spare these humble objects a second glance. I’m referring to the post millenium Malaysian coins. Take a look at the 10sen coin for example, if you notice, a congkak set is etched at the bottom of the humble coin. It really is quite beautiful and symbolic. If you were to flip a 50 sen coin to its underside, you’d see a WAU. Try looking at the other coin denominations ….. & see if you can identify the other hidden ‘treasures’ for yourself. These little down to earth items really do boast a stylish face …. Now you know why some people have large collection of coins from all over the world…it really does have a lot of aesthetic value!


I love my Calvin Klein watch and it deserves to be on my favourites list. It was a gift from Fat Dragon two years ago. This stylish white oval timepiece has a watchface that is devoid of dials. Blank, nothing, except for the hour hand and the minute hand. The strap is merely a pair of strings attached the watch face. Simple clean lines. My kind of watch. But let me tell you, this watch is not all looks only. You see, there was one fine day when the watch was in my pants pocket & silly me, put it in for an overnight soak. As if that was not bad enough, it was then thrown into the washing machine for a wash.  Thank God for ‘water resistant’ & probably ‘shake resistant’ technology. The watch actually survived the ordeal, came out unscathed & is keeping perfect time until today. I’m sold on your product, CK.     

The next item on my list doesn’t belong to me but I benefit from it, so its one of my favourite things. It’s Fat Dragon’s phone – a Sony Ericsson W580i. This sleek model comes with a camera and music player. The cool thing is that you move on to the next song track with only a shake of the hand. The phone  is backlit with rotating colours of indigo, blue, green and it glows in psychedelic glory from the sides when in use. Very hip. But what I really like about it is that it’s also a step tracker …. When Fat Dragon & I go jogging, it traces the number of steps we take & this translates into the distance travelled. But I’m highly suspect of its accuracy as the steps counted sometimes run into thousands….. so I think it registers every move a person makes be it a step, or just a slight twist or a jump …ahahahahah…but hey who’s complaining. It makes you FEEL GOOD even if its a false sense of achievement!

Well, these are just a few of my favorite things… … hmmm … can’t seem to get Julie Andrew’s voice out of my head…… 



7 responses to “…. a few of my favourite things ……

  1. Great pictures! I see you put your new camera to good use.

  2. I think I can shed some light on your perfume bottle. It’s L’air du Temps by Nina Ricci if I’m correct, a classic in those days. I loved the ad in the glossy magazines!

  3. Seriously, those are really, really cool pictures! As well as your bday collage. Awesome!

  4. Asme/ Gina: Thanks for commenting on the pics. Just a novice really, have a lot to learn from seasoned pros like you two…!!!!!

    Pink Jeans: Welcome back from Spain! WOW, thanks for the info! The perfume brandname is indeed as exotic as the bottle itself…. It’s French, no? Care to shed some light on the meaning????

  5. It is indeed a lovely bottle, a lovely name and a lovely meaning…if my French does not fail me, it means “the look of time”. So romantic, isn’t it?

  6. Yes, very romantic… & what a befitting name for a timeless piece of beauty… thanks!

  7. Never knew Pink Jeans for being a romantic.

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