Michael Johns eliminated…stinks of bigotry?

 ……….. Michael Johns (1st fr left, top row) booted out!

Imagine my shock when I read in the papers that Michael Johns was knocked out of the top 8 American Idol (AI) line up. BUMMER right…. to catch the news this way! Couldn’t be helped – we don’t have Astro in Mentakab so I didn’t get to catch the results show live ….

His elimination was a double shocker. First, Ryan Seacrest misled contestants into thinking that AI would do away with the elimination round this week. After all that’s what they did last season as an act of benevolence after the Charity Show. When it was revealed there WAS an elimination after all, Michael Johns was named together with Carly Smithson & Syesha as the bottom 3. It seems he was being punished for a so-so performance of  Aerosmith’s “Dream On”, his rendition for this week’s inspirational theme.  Well, he was punished even harder when the 2nd shock was delivered. It seems Carly was prepared for elimination… pointing a finger at herself when Ryan was about to make the announcement. But, it was Michael’s name that was announced. Jaws dropped and ‘boos’ resounded across the hall.


No one is pretending that American Idol results delivers fair judgement on a contestant’s talent nowadays, especially after Melinda Doolittle’s exit from last season’s Top 3 result show. But Michael John’s seemed to fit AI’s cooker cutter role of HUNK and good singer (not the best but good), so well….  Hmmm… perhaps its because he’s an AUSSIE. There’s a huge backlash against Michael’s exit. American phone voters did not seem to want a foreigner in the final rounds. Well, it does seem a a little bit bigoted if you look at the profile of the bottom 3. One’s Aussie, One’s a heavily tattooed Irish and One’s Black. Hmm… it really does stink of bigotry this week… !

Another theory posed is that the voters simply forgot to vote for Michael Johns. They were too complacent for Michael Johns. He seemed set to sail to at least the Top 5, so it appears he was SAFE, no need to throw him a lifeline to keep afloat or so they thought. After all his performance wasn’t that bad. David Archuletta was forgiven for forgetting his lines. David Cook was out of his element last week but was given a seal of approval. The tweens voted for 17 year old heart throb  David Archuletta or dreadlocked Jason Castro. The teen boys went the girl-next- door blond beauty Nicky Cook …. The more serious voters would have gone for Brook White, David Cook with the more impressive vocals. Somehow, they forgot to vote for Michael Johns & so that brought him head to head with Syesha & Carly in the bottom 3.    

There is also a case of the missing votes.  Viewership is down. Take the Charity Show numbers this season. It went down from 26.9 million in 2007 to 17.5 million Wednesday night, according to Nielsen Media Research. Based on shock eliminations & claims of rigging, the missing votes are likely to belong to the older crowd. The older voters represent lifelines for the talents of the show. Without them, it is likely the golden girls, the teenybopper type contestants will prevail until the finals.

Predictions for the top 3. Well, I think David Cook, the rocker, is a very unique talent. He certainly is imaginative and willing to take risks. Will never forget his rendition of Billie Jean last week. David Archuletta is probably gonna be in due to his teeny bopper appeal. Lastly, I think it’ll be Brooke White. She’s a bit anaemic in terms of versatility but a natural when she goes unplugged. Not bad vocals for the matter too.  But then again…. I’m NOT willing to bet my bottom dollar on this list…

After all, it is SHOW BIZ. Anything can happen…for all you know NICKY COOK who Simon says was forgettable in the first few rounds of the top 12 performances seems to be picking up steam. With her golden girl good looks…. she just might fluke it to the top 3.

P.S. I must add that this season’s TOP 12 is a pleasure to watch. They really do sing like pros although performers like Syesha are a bit cliched but nevertheless… she can croon.  Even Nicky Cook is beginning to sound good. In fact, its sad that with each elimination we will see less and less of them. The pleasure really is to see the diverse talents and styles of each individual singer as they perform each week. … In fact, I figure the top 2 show might end up to be a little too predictable and boring when all the others get eliminated … but that’s just my opinion.


5 responses to “Michael Johns eliminated…stinks of bigotry?

  1. this time round, all the contestants are seriously talented. They play instruments, write their own songs and have big stars quality voices. I dont know who to root for seriously.

  2. Gina: You got that right! Very talented lot…that’s why they’re said to be best top 12 American Idol contestants to date…. I totally agree. Yeah, I know what you mean by not knowing who to root for… but its fun to guess & see how wrong we can be when the finals come around! Ahahaahhaah…

  3. Felt that Michael Johns never stood a chance but did not expect him to be booted so early.

    Anyway, the more I watch all these American media, the more I feel that Americans has no substance as a basic human being.

  4. Yes, that’s true – expected Syesha, Carly, Nicky to go out first before Michael Johns.. oh well, like I said, its show biz 🙂

  5. Just want to share this MElinda Doolittle was the best singer of season 6 she did sing with passion this girl. The great new she will released her first album at the end of the summer and she work on Holiday one too. I tried to reach the million of peoples who did votes for her season 6 and just let them know new website http://www.mdstreetteam.com to support her. They are very welcome to join

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