Is life so cheap in Malaysia…?

In the wake of the 16th National Service trainee death, there has been a huge public outcry but the authorities have responded in a way that begs the question …. Is life really so cheap in Malaysia?  

Check out these 2 excerpts taken from articles printed in our local newspapers …

1. NST – 10th of May on why the National Service will not be scrapped.  

“National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kecil reiterated that the training programme will not be scrapped “just because of one or two deaths (this year*)”. (Read full article here…..)

*Note: Mind you, we’re not even talking abt a full year… its barely half a year to date!

2. The Star – 15th of May on why the NS trainees death should not be debated in the Parliament:

“AN opposition MP expressed dissatisfaction that emergency motions tabled to discuss the death of a national service trainee and the Internal Security Act were rejected by the Speaker……..

….Manogaran was referring to Fong Po Kuan (DAP–Batu Gajah)’s emergency motion to debate the latest death of a trainee on Tuesday which was dismissed on the grounds that it was not urgent.” (Read full article here….)

I am saddened by the words used in relation to the deaths of the NS trainees. Is life so cheap in Malaysia that  ‘just because one or two’ of them die, the figure is not significant enough to be classified as urgent? And, because it is  ‘not urgent’,  does it mean that it can be reduced to a mere statistic? 

So what would a significant statistic be … obviously, not one or two, right? What about 16 deaths over the past 4 years, would that be a significant or an insignificant figure? An average of 4 deaths a year, significant or insignificant? Well, significant or not, even 1 is too many for the parents of the deceased children.  

The youths of today represent the nation’s future. They could have been the leaders of tomorrow, they could have been mothers, fathers to the generation after.  But… we will never know would we, coz they’re no longer here with us. 

Aren’t we supposed to be warm, loving, caring Malaysians? I would like to think that the answer to my question is “NO, LIFE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CHEAP IN MALAYSIA!”   So, would it be too much to ask for a little more sensitivity displayed ……..?  To quote opposition MP Manogaran If the death of a national service trainee is regarded as non-urgent to discuss in the Dewan, I do not know what else is urgent.”

Please have some HEART!!!!

P.S. A partial summary of 11 NS trainee names & the respective circumstances of deaths(including Too Hui Min’s – the latest casualty), is available in this link.


5 responses to “Is life so cheap in Malaysia…?

  1. Being detached from all reality in Malaysia, I am really shocked to find out about all these deaths of national service trainees. It just goes to show that the standards of hygiene, safety and health services are not quite adequate. And indeed, life must be cheap if people can make a comment that the loss of just “one or two” lives, as opposed to a larger number, is somehow justified. I can only hope that these comments were made in error due to a lack of language prowess. Dare we give them the benefit of the doubt?

  2. Has their own kind died or not? They would take action only if their own kind dies. Till today, they still not over the little girl who got kidnapped from the playground because her parents were so stupid to let her play with another kid a little older than her as guardian. Talk about waste of manpower and tax payor’s money.

  3. Pink Jeans: Whether the comments were made in error or not due to a lack of language prowess… only God knows. But surely some basic common sense should prevail … after all, these ppl are holding top posts in the Govt. Surely that’s not a tall order!

    Gina: Well, I certainly do not wish a similar fate to befall anyone before they can feel the pain of others….

    Really, all I ask is for a little more sensitivity displayed! Sigh… we are indeed a ‘sick’ nation if we are not able to perform the basic civilities in life.

  4. It is sad to lose a life but it is sadder when such a loss is treated so lightly. May God have mercy on the souls of these soulless people.

  5. 5. Asme: Aye Aye … we really have to be careful not to become desensitised in this day and age. Given the free flow of info, it is easy to fall into the trappings of saying that other countries, other places, other situations have resulted in heavier casualty numbers..

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