Passing the buck generation…….

Well, there have been many titles coined for the various generations… baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y & apparently now its the Cosmic Generation. Whatever it is, a few personal experiences has prompted this blog. It is making me rethink whether the new generation of today deserves such lofty titles. I think a simple Passing the Buck generation will suffice.  

Well..the young today seem to have silver spoons ingrained in their mouths..or should I say golden spoons.

With the maid culture and all, I have personally witnessed children screaming at the top of their voices to the maids for a drink to be brought right in front of them when the kitchen could only be a few feet away from them.

The work culture has also changed. The youths today seem to be the ones selecting the jobs asking more questions of the employers i.e. “Is it 5 day week?” “How many days leave do I have” etc. A friend even told us that an applicant came late and he had the cheek to say the he was late because it was his mother’s fault. She was late picking him up. Hey, if you’re old enough to look for a job, you should be well equipped to go for an interview on your own, right? This is just one example but I notice the youths today are filled with  excuses, excuses, excuses. There is no accountability at all. It’s always someone elses fault. Sigh.  

Where has their sense of responsibility gone? Is it their inborn nature or is it their upbringing?

2 cases in point.

A young staff wanted to take off earlier from work despite the prevalence of a deadline to be met. He apparently had to attend his father’s (a renowned corporate figure) birthday party. The superior refused to release him. Lo and behold, the HR dept got a call the next day ticking them off for working his son so late the day before. Believe it or not.

A manager and her team went for a marketing visit. The visit was to be followed up by a formal quotation. Despite the manager’s urging & threats, the quotation was not done and the manager had to do it herself, or risk losing a lucrative deal. The young staff just didn’t care. All they had to lose was their jobs.  Believe it or not.

Well, believe it. There are a lot of children out there whose parents have already set aside trust funds for them, insurance funds, investment funds – you name it & quite a few have 6 digit account figures. Seriously, their monthly salary is probably just treated as pocket money for shopping.

I say the young have become a passing the buck generation because they feel that there’s always someone who will pick up after them. Someone who will come up with a safety net when they fall. I fear that the young today will have very high IQ’s but very low EQ’s. Being apart of the cosmic generation also means that their lifestyles have also turned inward as they get more and more preoccupied with computers, computer games, surfing etc. How well does the social media of today help develop a child’s EQ, their sensitivities towards others, their sense of caring, their appreciation of others? How well does Facebook, WAYN, Friendsters etc develop us emotionally?  How well does the social media of today inculcate values such as responsibility, accountability etc?

Well, you tell me.   



8 responses to “Passing the buck generation…….

  1. I totally agree that the new generation of youths do not take much responsibility for their actions, passing the buck, as you call it. However, that is only for negative outcomes as I’m sure they are quick to claim credit, even when it’s not rightfully theirs. I would say that today’s generation is the Soft Generation, not used to hard work, and you said it…used to having everything handed to them on a golden platter. They grovel and moan a lot. With the exception of a few, they are probably ill-equipped to deal with life’s many problems (“don’t know how eat bitter”). Overprotective parents are to blame – mollycoddling their children too much and not giving them the opportunity to fend for themselves, with examples like taking it up with the child’s teacher for disciplining him, buying him a car before he can afford one, and providing daily home-cooked meals even if he has moved out.

  2. Pink Jeans: Yes .. how true your words are! I have an adult student whose son dropped out halfway thru his design studies. She gave him enough capital to start off a clothing store in the East Coast of M’sia. Interest free of course. Golden platter indeed.

  3. Well, it is a different generation alright. Just like when our parents complained about our lack of hardwork, we are now complaining about the younger generation.

    It is no longer a culture of hard work and dedication that gets guarantees success. It is now work smart (know when no need to work) and who you network with.

    A well known bank’s hiring policy is

    First choice – Children of well known corporate figures.
    Second choice – Top scholars from overseas universities.
    Third Choice – Graduates from prestigious overseas universities.
    Last Choice – Top scholars from local universities.

    So it is no longer working hard to achieve success. If you are poor and average, you can forget about landing a job unless you can network your way through.

  4. Interesting first choice there, Asme. I guess they have to hire really good people for 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice in case these kids of well-known corporate figures turn out to be average and below. He-he!

  5. I agree with all that has been said….but I must say I have met a ‘few’ very well bred young adult. This two guys I know are very smart, family has a fortune and very humble. They really shine and when you are aware of their background, the only thing I can see is their parents…..such humble people themselves. One of this guy’s dad is a well known doctor and he walks to work…..4km or so everyday!!No airs whatsoever.

  6. Coincidentally The Sun wrote on how managers handle young ppl nowadays. Managers tend to pass on more work to the ones who can meet deadlines. The ‘good’ workers get laden with more more/projects & the ones who cannot meet deadlines either get their work passed on to others or they don’t get as much work. This sort of management I fear just encourages the ‘passing the buck’ culture …

  7. Sadly, it’s true. Some parents just failed to recognize that they no longer could pick it after their children once they have grown up and started to work.

    There are colleagues who could not stay too late their parents worry about them.. they give excuses like.. my mom would be worried if i am not home by 7 pm. So, cannot blame them also.. with the current escalating crime rates.

    I have my fair share of training juniors too. They just got worse by the years.

  8. Gina: Wow…. you mean some of your colleagues still have ‘curfews’. Yes, indeed urbanisation seems to be exacerbating the situation. Well since you have to train juniors, I’m sure you’re well schooled in the area of patience & tolerance.

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