The size of your feet tells all…

It all started with a joke between Cyclist, Fat Dragon, Short Stuff & myself. Cyclist was telling us about his theory regarding the size of a man’s foot being in corelation to the size of a man’s peeing organ & his sexual prowess. Well, I had the smallest feet in the group, but since I was the only person of the opposite gender in the group – all eyes suddenly dropped to Short Stuff’s feet!!!!! Poor guy ….. ahahahahaah!!! Given his silence, we are resigned to the fact that he was not willing to prove or disprove the theory … so we’re all left wondering, still …

This brings to mind a couple of associations between certain physical attributes & a person’s capabilities, character or destiny….. Fact or Myth, I really don’t know but these are just old wives tales which I have heard and compiled in passing  🙂

Big Long Meaty Ear Lobes  – This is quite an age old theory and is supposed to signify longevity. I have met quite a number of geriatrics who have long hanging ear lobes – so yeah, maybe its true after all. Take a look at Dr. M’s ear lobes. I’d say they’re pretty long & he’s an octogenarian.

Big nose (meaty but must not have big nostrils) – Sign of prosperity. Sure to be good at making money. Well, a friend of mine has this really huge nose, supposedly to be in the proportions of a wealthy businessman. Well he never fails to remind me that he has not given up & is still waiting for this ‘prophecy’ to come true. [Ahahahaha. I hate to break this to you, THS – but have you ever considered the fact that your nose is not so big after all if you talk about proportions? After all, your face is BIG too.] 

Big Nostrils – Very spendthrift & not good at saving money. This is based on the fact that if these two orifices are too big, then of course, money flows out of that big nose of yours. AHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!~! Oh well, perhaps I’m a walking testimony of this physical attribute. Big Nostrils I have and big savings, I don’t have. (We went trekking to a waterfall with a big group once. One of our friend’s daughters, when she was about 7 years of age stood in front of me. She suddenly looked up & asked me seriously…’Auntie, why your NOSE so big one’…I felt like answering “ALL THE BETTER TO SMELL YOU WITH” ala the big bad wolf. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance coz the mom,  absolutely shocked & embarassed, quickly reprimanded the kid. But hey… I understand perfectly. From her angle down under, perhaps my NOSTRILS looked huge & cavernous) Poor kid 🙂

Curly Haired Men – I’m afraid this physical attribute is a bit discriminatory as it applies to Chinese men only. Given it is norm for Orientals to have straight  hair, apparently curly haired Oriental men are great philanderers. Anybody knows if that famous ancient Chinese character Wai Siew Poh (the one with the seven wives) had curly hair?

Dimpled Cheeked Women – Ahhh! They say that women with dimpled cheeks can drink like fish & hold their alcohol real well. I really don’t know many women with dimples but the ones that I know of, look real cute but don’t drink all that well. All I can say is its easier to tell with men .. don’t need to look out for dimples. Just look out for the beer belly!!!!

Short Statured Men have big egos – Well, historically proven. Look at Hitler and Bonaparte. Powerful, conquering men with ‘miniature’ statures in comparison. Influential but dangerous men. Could it be their physical shortcomings drove them to overcompensate by fighting for power, authority & control?  

Thin lips – Apparently, people with thin narrow lips are very cold and frigid. I suppose this is true in terms of perception. Thick lips tend to project sensuality, sultriness etc, thus thin lips project the opposite image. Hey, why else would botox be doing so well, if not for the demand for Angelina Jolie lips eh?

Well, it is all very interesting be it true or not, but I would end with a word of caution to all …. BEWARE of people with faint or no eyebrows. Somehow, the people with this physical attribute (or should I say, lack of it) that we have crossed paths with in our lives … seemed to be weak minded, manipulative & lacking in integrity …… But then again, that’s just my opinion :-p


12 responses to “The size of your feet tells all…

  1. Look at a man’s hands – big ones are supposed to show a nice generous personality. Maybe it has something to do with the size of the heart which is supposed to correlate with the size of the fist. Corny. What about the practice of wrapping socks around a fist to check the size needed before buying?

  2. I am blushing here Pink because I could remember those good old days when we need to wrap the socks aorund our fist to get the correct size. It shows our age. 🙂

    Today with Spandex, the kiddoes really have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. SH – Interesting article. You managed to bring out all those old wives beliefs from the deep recesses of my brain. I forgotten most of it.

    I do remember one though. Those days, mothers looking for brides for theirs sons would look for a woman with huge bums. The bigger the better. All because of the beliefs that big bum signifies fertility.

    Look at women today! My grandmother would turn in her grave.

  4. That’s why we went to Big Backside Girls’ School lor…

  5. No wonder lah.. my mood plummeted when my date and I went shoe shopping and I found out his feet size is 6. Hahahahahah!!!! I somehow have this mental picture that “it” is gonna be a small one. Hahaha!

    About the thin lips and faint eye brows.. hmmph.. I do see that in one ex colleague and yes, she is super conniving.

  6. Gina, if you are looking for men with enormous feet, go to Vista Commonwealth. There are plenty of Africans with size 12.

  7. Pink Jeans: Ahahaah..sigh..ya – too bad it stood for Big Backside Girl School and not Big Boob Girl’s School…Oh well…34 DD remains an elusive element then….ahahahaah

    Gina: Wow, I wear size 6 – your date must be really small..forget about Asme’s suggestion..remember the gal from your blogroll – she had some pretty scary stories to tell..

    Asme: Don’t give silly suggestions to innocent gals (ok, maybe not so innocent):-)

  8. Maybe a new topic for your blog…chest size…hahahaha! You know, it’s very common in the UK now to have cup sizes of G and H. Average is like a D and the largest bra size available in a shop is a K I think (or was it an L?). It’s not melons anymore, it’s nangka!

  9. Pink Jeans: OMG OMG OMG …. size K ….. are you for real??????? Wow..

  10. Like they said, if your head is not too big, better not wear such a big hat…

    Those with size 12.. sakit or not ah? LOL!!!!

  11. I wouldn’t know. Tak Meliwat.

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