…. of pigtails & aphrodisiacs….!!!!!

We were breaking plates…. We were guzzling German Weisen beer (dark wheat beer)……We were sucking gravy laced fingers & slobbering away – Our motto for the night “Bring on the cholesterol!”…

…Definitely not a typical Wednesday night but what the heck, we were having a ball of a time celebrating the homecoming of Pink Jeans & ML who are back for their summer hols at El Cerdo’s situated along the very hip Changkat Bukit Bintang. It was a night to EAT, DRINK and be VERY MERRY for Doug, Mich, Yit, VM, ML, Pink Jeans, DS, FD & I ….. 

No prizes for guessing what was for dinner. PIG of course….or PIGLET to be exact. Well, we all sobered up as required by decorum, when the hostess offered to tell us the story of our little friend who was lying inate on a wooden platter, all browned & roasted into a crispy delicacy … waiting to be devoured. You see, as introductions went by, we found out our little cooked friend was a German. It was only three weeks old. It had its body bathed in a white wine marinate for 3 days before it was thrown into a ‘roaring spit’ so to say……… (Please don’t be fooled – not one Roaring Fortier batted an eyelid upon hearing the narrative – Pink Jeans  commented, “I’d eat it even if it had a name”“Aye! Aye! PJ”. We meat eaters should just be upfront about it. No room for hypocrisy here)……. And so it goes, that the crispy, juicy  carcass was to be chopped into small pieces with plates by the guys…. Yup, you read right, you get to chop it up yourself with a plate, not a knife. You even get to break it into a wooden bucket, with a noisy clang -for GOOD LUCK apparently. Wasteful you say? Oh heck – break away – you’re paying for it)  …….. The finale entails our little roasted buddy being  eaten from “nose to tail” as the restaurant’s tag line suggests… Ah, bliss!!! (Apologies to vegetarians if this sounds offensive)

Needless to say, gluttony ruled that night & the nose to tail experience was so good, we ordered a second piglet for the night. (Sigh…gotta exercise harder the next day… oh but that’s another day)………….

Now, whilst the two piggies were being gobbled up, the usual jostling & fighting for choice pieces came about until we reached the “apple stalk of a thing” with a curl at the end resting on the laurels of our roasted piggy……..i.e. the tail –  “You eat it”, “No You eat it”…. DS ended up eating the first pig tail and then when the 2nd pig tail was up for grabs, the guys suggested “Why don’t one of the girls eat it……” ….. Now the hostess could not help overhearing and decided that some intervention was required. “NO!! GIRLS CANNOT EAT IT”. “Do you know what happens if you eat the tail?” …..which prompted a quick “NO”  from all of us. “TELL US!”. “Shan’t tell you guys until you decide who’s going to eat the 2nd tail”……. “Aw come on …” … and then it was decided ….. “VMYOU eat the 2nd tail!” …

Then she lays it on us….. (looking at VM & DS)….. “The PIG tail is going to make the guys strong tonight!” which produced an all round “Whoa!!!”  from everyone …. curious eyes darting back & forth between DS & VM. Pressure Pressure. Well, the pig’s tail is apparently an aphrodisiac.

First I’ve heard of really!

According to Wikipedia,

“An aphrodisiac is an agent which is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable”

I’ve heard of animal based aphrodisiacs like tigers’ penises & rhinoceros’ horns  but pig’s tail is new to me. Now male libido is clearly linked to the levels of testosterone right? So it is alleged that you can elevate it by eating parts of male animal anatomies. As for the pig’s tail? What if the tail came from a female? Wouldn’t that boost your estrogen levels? Now would that still give men the desired effect … anyway, awaiting feedback from VM & DS. Who knows, if the tail came from a female piggie it may even boost your alternative sexual desires!!!!! Food for thought.

YUM SENG EVERYONE! … eh heh heh heh …..

 P.S. Welcome back Pink Jeans & fly, ML & fly.

P.P.S. To the rest of the party – Viva la Good Food, Good Drinks & last but not least Good Company!

P.P.P.S. Viva la Non Halal Restaurants the ultimate EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY experience. In case you’re interested in going to El Cerdo, the address is No. 43 – 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang.  For a quick guide on where Changkat BB is, refer to this map, courtesy of Radius Hotel. El Cerdo is not far from the hotel.


10 responses to “…. of pigtails & aphrodisiacs….!!!!!

  1. Now for the final verdict….did the tail work????

    I can tell you the beer worked!!
    Slept straight away and snored!!!

    That’s the tale (tail) folks.


  2. Oh but your other half consumed the 2nd tail… Looks like the potency of the beer overpowered the potency of that teeny weeny 3 week old tail! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    Wonder if DS & PJ have an interesting tale to tell…(pun intended of course)!!!!!

  3. Hahah!! But I think they derived this conclusion that pig tails would give you extra omphh.. based on the sexuality of the pig itself. Pigs are generally horny lots. All they do the whole day was, eat, sleep and have sex. So I heard.

  4. Gina: You have a point there about them being horny … so maybe its more effective if you take the adult animal’s tail … not the piglet’s … (for obvious reasons :-))

  5. Pigtail as an aphrodisiac? Sounds more like pig tale.

    Although I know is that I ate half a pig face and I felt stuffed for a week.

  6. Asme: Ahahahahah… from the sound of it, the pig head doesn’t have any loving effects either …. 🙂

  7. Ohhhh….so it was the effect of the tail, eh? ;);) Not bad, effect can last for a month! Hahahaha…I’m exhausted….(actually jetlagged-lah).

    Hmmm, Gina seems very knowledgeable about pigs. I usually hear people saying pigs eat and sleep all day. But she confidently adds the part about having sex; LOL. It does reinbforce the notion of those born in the year of the pig having “good life”. ;);)

  8. PJ: Hi there! Good to hear from you – Jetlagged eh…not surprised given that you guys packed a full hol! Did you end up anywhere for the intended SEA trip?

    & yeah…don’t we all want to be born in the year of the pig – too bad … we’ve got a whole lot of snakes, horses & dragons roaring about instead… 🙂

  9. I have a pig girl…BTW, yes, I went to Krabi.

  10. PJ: Sweet…to both 🙂

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