Happy Feet = Healthy Mind & Body?


Fat Dragon and I had a really full social calendar the past three months. 

Now a healthy social life, doesn’t necessarily mean everything else is healthy. Namely, our bodies. We’ve been exercising our mouths, our livers to the maximum what with the merry making of catching up with friends back from overseas…with friends from out of town…..with friends during the Raya celebrations …. and so on and so forth…. There really has been no let up. And I can assure you, this form of exercise does nothing to shrink the numbers on your weighing scale!!!

We decided to go on a quest to make sure all these overworked organs remain healthy and in good shape for the next round of merry making in December…  X’mas & New Year! Ahahahahahah………

…So, we enlisted the help of our feet, of course! Sort of a walking, running, dancing bootcamp, you could say.  And here are some highlights of its activities………..

They trudged heavily & courageously on a mushy path in a 6 hour trek up and down  Gunung Berembun in Cameron Highlands, with Fat Dragon’s feet as companions. The trail was steep and mossy, hence the name, which translates into Mossy Hill. Such a wave of exhaustion hit us as we climbed and descended the slippery & ‘bouncy’ trail (Some parts of the ground was not solid ground. It was actually made up of root systems which felt suspended from the ground)… But we made it..shaky knees and all….and all we left behind, were our footprints! We did not take anything with us…not even pictures. We were just too exhausted!   

The lower extremities of our bodies were tested to the limit again, when they got fitted with dancing shoes during the Raya celebrations. Our feet shuffled and stepped to the sounds of 3 live bands (pic of one of them shown below) playing Santana beats and music from the 70’s and 80’s at the Cross Roads in  Concorde Hotel. I would say the Roaring Fortiers stepped up (pun intended) to the challenge given the extra loads and expanding waistlines that the feet had to carry but boy did we move. And…we passed with flying colours…..It would make the youngsters cringe but hey …  WHO CARES!

Warning: Please do not adjust your screen. The fuzzy image you see below was taken under the influence of alcohol… 🙂

They also got a chance to pound the hard, interlocking-tiled sidewalk along of Gurney Drive (Penang). This pavement is flanked by the sea on one side & and traffic on the other. So you get to breathe in a cocktail of sea breeze & exhaust fumes. How about that? The jog might not sound like a great fete to you but it really is a first for me. All the years that I have visited Penang, I’ve never run along Gurney Drive. I would never have dreamed being able to do 5km in half an hour, so it was an achievement for me and my dear old feet! 

 Now, you tell me, how often do you a get a scene like while jogging in KL?

Our feet succeeded in trekking up the steep road of Maxwell Hill (new name Bukit Larut, located in Taiping, Perak)), which was reportedly 6 miles long and not 6 km long … We completed about 5 miles up the road but given the failing light and rain.. we decided that the peak was to be ‘conquered’ another day! After all, the creepy stories of Japanese Occupation beheadings were at the back of our minds, (which is probably why the locals who met us along the way kept telling us “Its time to go down!”…  as the sun was setting) … But, we’ll be back – Wouldn’t miss another date with this giant centipede again………

 Sunset at Maxwell Hill

For the first time ever, our feet did a walking tour of Ipoh (as opposed to driving) and the slow pace of walking allowed us to savour the old charm of the city even more. We caught sights of the old FMS restaurant building, the newly repainted Ipoh Railway Station and Majestic Hotel, the Courts & the beautiful facades of colonial buildings which housed the various banks i.e. HSBC, Standard Chartered, OCBC etc. Our feet walked colourful mosaic pavements, which is such a nice change to the boring interlocking pavements and raw concrete flooring that adorns most of KL’s pavements nowadays. They walked under beautifully aligned arches of corridors to the old shoplot buildings. They walked by colourful flower beds which lined all these majestic old buildings ..  it was a highly peaceful and therapeutic activity. Highly recommended.

The colours of old charm…

And the highlight was probably the fact that we managed to join the footfalls of a group of new acquintances who share the same quest for wet & slippery adventures, in search of waterfalls in Malaysia … They call themselves the Waterfall Survivors under the passionate & energetic leadership of Ms. Joe Yap. Thanks to them, Fat Dragon & I managed to find the Tanglir Falls in Bukit Tinggi (which previously eluded us & led us to a wild goose chase to Janda Baik instead) and the beautiful and sandy Lata Khong in Karak (Sungai Dua area)!  One can’t help being contemplative under the influence of negative ions … as this young man seems to be doing at the foot of the Lata Khong falls. How cool is that?

Lata Khong…(Picture courtesy of Fat Dragon)

I’d say, without a doubt, happy feet translates into a happy mind & healthy body! …. Thank you so much or putting up with the eccentricities of this bunch of Roaring Fortiers! Thank you so much for helping us keep in shape! 

………. & we’ll celebrate it with a toast or two during X’mas, eh?  After all, the other organs and limbs deserve attention too, no? BOTTOMS UP! GAN BEI! CHEERS to our dear old feet! *$Burp#@

p.s. Apologies for the long absence from my blog. My fingers went into a meltdown phase. They refused to move, although the brain kept reminding them that their services were needed in updating my blog.

p.p.s. For those who find the idea of exercise dreary … do try to mix the activity with some fun: do it with friends, combine it with photo taking activities, vary the places you go to – walk in a concrete jungle one day and a real jungle the next … last but not least – arm yourself with a ‘can do’ spirit …Never fails!


6 responses to “Happy Feet = Healthy Mind & Body?

  1. The walks we made the past three months were fantastic. Can’t wait for more. Let’s do some again this weekend. 🙂

  2. It’s a date!!!!!!

  3. Oooi! Welcome back…I thought you got lost in the mountains and that’s why you didn’t update your blog (sutt zhong). LOL. Anyway, sounds like you and Fat Dragon are having loads of fun. Keep it up, and jiayou!

  4. It’s about time you guys update blog! Good to see you are busy and going places! 😀

    Great pics! Love the one with the yellow car. 😀

  5. Kudos to Asme and ShortHorse!
    Keep those feet going and smiling!

  6. PJ: Ahahaha…good to be back! Actually, the possibility of getting lost (Shi zhong) in the jungles isn’t an impossibility as we debriefed each other during the Cameron trek. We failed to inform anyone of our route, one of us was carrying the pack filled with water and food – meaning the other would be without sustenance if we got separated…shucks..must really be more careful in future 🙂 Tq so much for your words of encouragement tho!!!!

    Gina: A thousand apologies…yes will make it a point to update blog given support from all you guys! Thanks for photography tips on the angle of the Yellow Volkswagen. Much appreciated!

    Joanne: Thank u thank u … will keep those feet going … flat feet and all! Gotta keep the numbers on the scales down down down!!!!

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