Short getaways from KL are not so difficult to come by…



Had a tough week? Took crap from your colleagues or your boss? Need a short getaway from the concrete jungles of KL? Catch some peace and tranquility in Broga. Only about 40 km from KL.

Ahahahahah….sorry, I know I risk sounding like an advertisement, but I just can’t resist sharing. Fat Dragon and I caught a sunrise up at Bukit Broga last weekend. It wasn’t breathtaking but it was nice and peaceful enough (after the crowds left, that is). And the trek up was, shall we say “Kacang Putih”. Only half an hour (if you take the short route)!

To get to Broga, head towards the Semenyih campus of Nottingham University. Check out this link for the map to go there. Semenyih is about 30km from KL. So it is not too long a drive.

Picking up from the map in the link above, drive straight on from Nottingham University. About 3.5km later, you will then see a Rabbit Fun Park on the right. Immediately after, you will see a dirt road leading to an oil palm estate on the left. Turn off here & park your car. Now this is the tricky part. There are two routes leading to Broga Hill. The shorter one is the first dirt road (that you parked in). There is a second dirt road, about 500m down the road, which is the starting point for a longer route.  

I recommend the shorter route up first. Time is of the essence if you want to catch the sunrise. The path is actually a dirt road, wide enough to take a car. Be careful, there are huge potholes along the way.  This path takes you through the oil palm estate. Not long after, this veers off to the left, and the path eventually narrows. You will be faced with an incline thereafter through jungle and then lalang. The tall grass signals that you are nearing the peaks of the rolling hills of Broga. There are 3 peaks which you can perch yourself on to soak in the sights of Broga. It is up to you, which you want to park yourself on. Total time for this climb – Half an hour. Do arm yourself with a torchlight and insect repellent if you’re doing this in the dark.

For the return route, you can back track the way you came or you can take the longer route which loops back to your original starting point. This means you have to move onwards past the 3 peaks and start your trek through jungle, rubber estates, an orchard and oil palm estates to go back down. Take note that you will have to traverse across 2 huge boulders after the 3rd peak. No worries though, there are knotted ropes secured to these 2 rocks to help you climb them, thanks to Hash activities in the area. Now this route has also got worn out paper markers strewn along the way & when I say worn out, I mean they are REALLY worn out. So, do keep a keen eye out for them. Time for this part of the trek – 1 1/2 hours. Be warned though, during the dry season, this trail is infested with mosquitoes.

Beware of a crowd during weekend mornings. However, I guess you can take comfort in knowing that there is safety in numbers – security wise ….. more so, if you’re unsure of the route in the dark.

How short is short…? Well, FD & I woke up at 5am. Left home about 5.45am. Reached Semenyih about 6.30am. Started to climb and reached peak about 7am. Relaxed, had breakfast and took photos at peak (FD even managed a little nap). Started down about 9.30am. Finished trek abt 11am. If you drive home immediately after, you’d be back in KL before 12 noon.



P.S. All estimates for trekking times are based on our own fitness levels i.e. MEDIUM FITNESS, not super fitness. So, you probably need to give or take some time off … as who better would be able to gauge your own fitness levels but yourself.  🙂






7 responses to “Short getaways from KL are not so difficult to come by…

  1. I am actually envious of your mosquitoes and dry weather. We are having a spate of wet, grey and cold blustery weather. Miserable!

  2. Oh dear, how awful! I feel cold even from your description of it…. as for mosquitoes…would you like some freeze dried & shipped to you????? 🙂 … sorry abt that, corny joke… just trying to cheer you up .. keep warm & dry ok? !!!!!!

  3. Haha…no freeze-dried mozzies in the post today but hey, the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Someone up there has a heart.

  4. PJ: Yay blue skies & everything nice in the UK … afraid its raining here..ahahahaahah!!!! God is fair indeed …. Enjoy the sun dearie!

  5. Beautiful pics, Mei! 😀

    Thanks for sharing becoz.. I know, I definitely will NOT go. Haha!

  6. asme: You can say that again!!!!!! (“Great trip!” – ahahahahah … saying it for you)! Thanks for taking me there!

    gina: Thanks!!! … As for you not going to Broga, you’ll never know – You went trekking in FRIM remember? Ahahahahaah!

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