Hmmm … there’s a checklist for midlife crisis symptoms?

I read with amusement that day when a local newspaper did an editorial on the human behavior of people suffering from mid life crisis. 

Now, this social phenomena can impact homo sapiens from 40  up to 60 years of age. Hmm…. wouldn’t that mean the Roaring Fortiers fall into the early stages of this band ….. YIKES!

From what I gather, you can actually formulate a checklist of sorts for symptoms of this ‘it-which-cannot-be-named’ mental ailment ……… Now, if you’re between 40 – 60 years old & you answer YES to one or more of the questions below, …. it signals the onset of … umm…, for lack of a better word, the ‘crisis’ …..   Don’t cheat ok? 🙂


Hmm, its a YES for me on the brushing & flossing (that’s 1), checking for white hair (2)taking supplements (3), umm …..  & the bungee jump thing (4) did come across my mind but my back disagrees …  Wow, 4/6 (two thirds majority, in election jargon) ……  Does that mean I ‘pass’ with flying colours? … Oops – That’s not exactly good, is it?! 

You might agree or disagree with the list – but … I’m seriously wondering, how did you fare??? Don’t be shy, tell me – TELL ME!!! Ahahahaha ….. let me be the first to start the ball rolling, I, moi, …… am supposed to be suffering a MID LIFE CRISIS!

WOO HOO!!!!!!! Bring on the bungee jumps!!!!!!!!!


15 responses to “Hmmm … there’s a checklist for midlife crisis symptoms?

  1. Lol!! I guess I didn’t have any urges of doing anything of the above!

  2. Gina: Ahahahaah!!!!! Phew … that’s a relief …. Gee… not even bungee jumping?????

  3. 3/5…same as you sans the bungee jump. I’m actually more afraid of new stuff now than when I was younger. Maybe not mid-life crisis, then…just getting OLD!

  4. PJ: No worries… as long as we are all YOUNG at heart!!!!!!!!! Cheers to that!

  5. 3 out of 6……the harley one is for me. I suggested to my other half just last week but my friend’s licence cannot ride big bikes. Hahahaha!!!

    I suppose I am in the ‘crisis’ age man.

  6. YP: Wow… Congrats! You’re the only gal with the Harley crave … so far its the guys who expressed interest! Can borrow ah, when you buy it 🙂 ….. ?????

  7. No worr.. I am afraid of heights.

  8. Gina: Ahahaahah… so when you’re 40, which is aeons away…. & you say you wanna go bungee jumping – then I know you have a SERIOUS case of mid life crisis …. L 🙂 L

  9. Seriously, I think I am having this darn illness but I score 0/6 in your check list.

    So I must say ini list tak boleh pakailah.

  10. Hmm… this is serious .. you must be suffering from a mutated strain that shows different symptoms … care to share what your symptoms are?

  11. Is one of the symptoms of mid-life crisis compulsive lying? Hehe…

  12. My illness is a more serious version. The reason I scored zero is because:-

    1. I don’t spend time checking for white hair, time is spent pulling them out.

    2. Bungee jump?! Shit! I am dreaming of jumping out of a plane.

    3. Harley Davidson?! I rather spend the money (if I have) on a yacht.

    4. Brush and floss my teeth? God, I am too busy giving myself a manicure. You can hide your teeth by keeping your mouth shut but I can’t wear gloves all the time.

    5. Money spent on Vitamins and supplement? Haven’t you heard that you need the real thing. I am thinking of investing in my own vegetable farm and fruit orchard.

    6. Tattoos don’t give me as much a kick as a nipple rings do.

    See, I told you the list was flawed.

  13. Asme: It’s confirmed – You definitely have a more VIRULENT strain of Mid Life Crisis than most of us NORMAL Roaring Fortiers ……. No worries, Dr. Shorthorse will help you pull out some white hair, OK?

  14. SH, you must blog more on issues like this. Banyak response and it lightens our heart and soul in teruk economic times.


  15. YP: Most welcome … always ready to be a clown for you guys & gals … 🙂

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