The significance of Dec 1 …

aids-ribbonIt is World Aids Day …. 

And I’m happy to report Bolehland’s efforts in promoting awareness amongst the people …

Well, the word “CONDOM” is banned on air. For the adult audience, I’m sure the move is purely designed to remove a certain stirring in the loins that the word might elicit. That’s a big NO NO of course. For the PG rating audience, they should not be exposed to such a word as it might give them ideas about having sex too early.

Such is Bolehland’s ingenuity, such is Bolehland’s sincerity in promoting awareness.

Fact is, people with HIV/AIDS are still affected by the stigma attached to the disease. This is prevalent in workplaces, schools and even amongst healthcare workers. It was reported in the NST today that some private hospitals have refused to accept expentant mothers who have AIDS and there were incidences where doctors refused to do the surgery. Well, that’s because people are unsure how to deal with HIV/AIDS patients. There is a lack of AWARENESS!!!!!

Prof Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman, the president of the Malaysian AIDS Council and Chairman of the Malaysian AIDS foundation has said “We are not able to give out proper information about AIDS and how people get infected ….”

Well, are you surprised ….. you’re not allowed to use the word “C _ _ D _ _ ” remember?

STOP AIDS. Keep the promise.



7 responses to “The significance of Dec 1 …

  1. Can not say CONDOM, can say CONDOM-INIUM or not? Whoever made such stupid policies, should perhaps take a peek at what the BBC has been doing (disclaimer: not condoned). The ‘F’ word peppers speech like nobody’s business, obscene phonecalls are made by presenters and broadcast live, and personalities dig out their penises for display on air. Maybe that’s the real Boleh Broadcasting Corporation.

  2. PJ: OMG …. you mean they didn’t censor public display of penises on air….WOW! That’s the other extreme I suppose. Good to know we both live in a Bolehland of sorts …. ahahahahahahh!!!

  3. They even ban yoga. What you think?

  4. What is the fuss about “Condom” when “Holocaust” will never be acknowledged as a word or event on TV.

  5. Gina: Yup, … in all fairness, yoga in its purest form does have spiritual & metaphysical implications. But, the thing is, in Malaysia, I think it is purely physical exercise.

    Asme: “Condom” is such a common ‘household’ word and it goes hand in hand with safe sex, with prevention of unwanted pregnancies amongst teens especially … so it really is quite a mind boggling move to ban the word.

    As for the Holocaust … I guess the word has larger implications as it provokes racial sensitivities and anti Zionism issues …

  6. Before I get sued for libel, I better qualify that that penis incident happened on a BBC Radio channel where a webcam was present. Fortunately, nothing was visible, apparently (latest newspaper report).

  7. PJ: Aw shucks …. how disappointing!!!! Ahahahaahah!!!

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