Of feather pillows & gossip ……


Well, I think it’s fair to say, gossip is a favorite pastime with a lot of people. Gossip, unfortunately, has always and will always be an integral part of the social structure. Needless to say, we have all been victims or worse still carriers of gossip at least once in our lives…. I don’t believe that anyone can say NO to this. If you do, then I guess you’re a SAINT!

So, back to the question, what does GOSSIP & A FEATHER PILLOW have in common?

Story time.

A parishioner went up to the priest to unload his guilt about the act of gossiping ~ so what harm was done exactly, he asks … So the priest asked the parishioner to go back home … take a feather pillow & a knife with him up onto the roof of a high building.. Give it a slash and see what happens…

So, the parishioner did as he was told … he took a pillow & a knife … went up onto the roof & slashed it with all his might… Lo & behold… there were feathers & more feathers flying all over …. The parishioner then returned to the priest to report the act done. The priest proceeded to ask the parishioner to go back up & the roof … to RETRIEVE each and every feather that escaped from the pillow …

Well, that sums it up beautifully doesn’t it… Each and every word, no matter how juicy (whether with malicious intent, or not) that escapes from our mouths … can never be retrieved fully …  So, the harm & the hurt is done. There no turning back. Food for thought.

Believe it or not, I got this story from the movie DOUBT featuring Meryl Streep & Philip Seymour Hoffman ….. Philip plays Father Brendan Flynn who is a victim of Meryl’s character Sister Aloysius Beauvier prejudice. She goes on a personal vendetta to flush out his so called sins..purely based on her suspicions and nothing else… In an act to voice out his displeasure, Father Brendan gave a sermon on GOSSIP by telling the above story …. Stellar movie…stellar performances. I loved it…



12 responses to “Of feather pillows & gossip ……

  1. Question: What constitutes gossip? I think a distinction needs to be made between spreading rumours with a malicious intent and engaging in harmless banter. I suppose what is considered harmless is subjective, but human beings need to talk, and talking about other people is one of the ways we stay connected, interesting and interested. We certainly can’t just talk about the weather all the time!

  2. i agree with pink jeans. That is why i love gossiping! and i gossip ALL THE TIME! LOL!

  3. Hey.. that’s one heck of a nice photo on your banner! 😀 Bravo, sis!

  4. Guys don’t gossip so much because they talk about football and cars! Women will normally talk about other women. hahahah

  5. Ahahahaha… I’m surprised that my blog is still alive after such a long absence…. thanks gals for your support & I love a good argument …

    Looks like I’ve stirred the hornets nest with this topic …. Well, as requested … here’s a definition of Gossip from the web …

    gossip (n)

    1. rumor or talk of a personal, sensational or intimate nature

    2. a person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts

    3. trivial, chatty talk or writing

    Combining these definitions, gossip will be used as:

    trivial writing or talk of an intimate nature about someone else, in either rumors or facts.

    (Well, I know that gossip is irresistible & I’m sure both you gals gossip responsibly ~ hee hee hee… But I’m just saying, not all ppl share the same integrity as you guys & gossip opens up the avenue for misinterpretation of facts, twisting of truth etc … & well, if it gets back to the person talked abt, it just causes unnecessary hurt ….)

    Gina: Thanks…the banner photo is actually part of the dock in Tanjung Sepat..

  6. …oh for the record…I’m guilty of gossiping myself lah..so I ain’t no SAINT too….

  7. Asme – ahahahaha… you mean you don’t talk abt the weather????? 🙂

  8. i thought guys talk about women’s boobs and stuff. Not true meh??

  9. Muahahahahh…maybe for guys ..talking abt women’s boobs and stuff is like talking abt the weather…. :p

  10. came across your page while searching for a review of “once”. watching it on tv now 🙂

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  12. Stephen Farland

    I have always invested a small amount of time, keeping people like Pink Jeans and Gina far away and out of my life. Like anything else, small amounts of diligence, like small investments, pay off BIG in the long run over time.

    I own a business that requires much public interaction, I have life-long friendships, and a few new ones… but nowhere on my Radar screen is a single Pink Jeans/Gina.

    PinkJeans/Gina — Enjoy your lives wherever you are! And have no fear, you will NEVER have to worry about being a part of mine!

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