Jacob’s all grown up ………….

Don’t worry, this is not a movie review about TWILIGHT SAGA : NEW MOON.  There’s a lot of love out there for the movie & the characters, but mind you… a lot of hate too. But none of that here, it’s all about li’l ol’ ME drooling ……….. over Jacob’s impressive six pack, of course.

YUP …. Jacob’s all grown up, he no longer looks like an innocent undernourished love sick teenager. In fact, he now sports an impressively toned body which is accompanied by a somewhat edgy matured look, …. WOW & DOUBLE WOW!!!!

Move over Edward!  My vote is for Jacob ~ He’s officially the HUNK in my books (pun intended) …  

The actor who plays the role of Jacob Black is none other than Taylor Lautner. Can you imagine … the producers actually contemplated replacing the actor for the role of Jacob Black, the alternative ‘love interest’ of Bella, in the sequel to Twilight ~ Twilight Saga : New Moon? Both movies were adapted from the book series by Stephanie Meyer.  He was apparently too small sized & boyish looking to repeat the Jacob role as the character is depicted to be approaching manhood & turning into a brawny werewolf  in the sequel.  But, that was a year ago. 

Fast forward to present time, 17 year old Taylor is sizzling the movie screens with his bulk. Determined to prove the directors wrong, Taylor started working out & eating his way up to this present body weight straight after the filming of Twilight ended in 2008. Weighing 30 lbs heavier  during the filming of New Moon … he BUFFED up as required by the directors of the movie ….

…but, most importantly, he looks HOT (108 degrees to be exact, in keeping with his werewolf temperature) & ‘BEAUTIFUL’ (in Bella’s words) ….. *Swoon*…..

How did he do it? He stuffed himself with beef patties, nuts & “ice cream every two hours” to get a minimum of 3,200 calories of body fuel a day.  Whoa, foodie heaven I guess …. or hell, whichever works for you. This was combined with 5 day workouts at the gym with a personal trainer. That is the way to do it, but apparently you can’t over work it at the gym, according to Taylor ~ if not you’ll lose the bulk. Bring on the pounds anytime Taylor … it looks good and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Taylor was voted one of People Magazines 100 most beautiful people in 2009.  

One of the most ‘memorable’ scenes featuring Jacob’s new bod was when Bella crashed her motorcycle & started bleeding from her head …… Jacob then proceeds to take his shirt off to wipe the blood from Bella’s forehead ~ When I was watching this at the cinema the other day, I honestly think, no one in the audience (I emphasize, no one)…. cared if Bella bled to death …….. coz all seemed mesmerised by the naked top half of the man-wolf’s anatomy!  An appreciative & synchronized  “WAHHHHHHH” reverberated through the room, an obvious show of approval for the abs & biceps bared for display!  

From then on I knew, the salvaging point for the movie had presented itself ….given that the first 20 minutes seemed to draggggggggggg on ….. Yawwwwnnnnn! 

….. JACOB SAVED THE DAY for me (where the movie is concerned… oh, sorry, I promised not to talk about the movie right?) …… so please excuse me … I’ll just concentrate on drooling…. 😉


10 responses to “Jacob’s all grown up ………….

  1. It is amazing that he gained 30 lbs for this movie.

  2. Yeah & looking so good, no?

  3. Short horse is Back!!!!!!

  4. Must have been something…to trigger you to write another post in your blog after… what…8 months? Weight gain has its benefits, I see. Sure makes me feel better now.

    • Ahahaha! Yes HELLO Pink Jeans- surprised u still check the blog out! How’re you? As for weight issues- nice to know ppl can look good after packing on the pounds eh? Actually another guy that looks really cute & handsome with added bulk is Leonardo de Caprio…. Compare him in Titanic & Blood Diamond, big difference, no? 🙂

  5. YP: Short Horse is slowly ‘cantering’ back…. ahahahah…

    Thanks all for your support!

  6. btw, Jacob yummy but my gal goo goo gaa gaa over the white fler.

  7. Muahahahaha…. not surprised YP ~ told ya it’s a love hate relationship with the Twilight characters…..

  8. Yes.. welcome back! I also belong to Jacob’s camp! He really changed a lot for this sequel. Could hear GUYS and girls gushing over his solid abs in the cinema… LOL!

  9. Gina: Ooohhhhh yes! In YP’s words… he’s so YUMMY!

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