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Ooooh…my inaugural tag…thanks to Absolut Ginger


tag1.jpg     Hmmm……let’s see……well Absolut Ginger, here goes…..

1. A movie that made you laugh.
Hey, my life’s a Comedy. Does that count? 

2. A book that made you cry.

When I was a KIDThe Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Had this as mandatory reading for my Form 1 literature class. There was this mass crying session  when the ending (The Yearling dies, of course), was read in class. I’m telling you, we all cried & cried.  Girls’ school-lah, what to do! Silly though it may sound, the ending really was very sad from the perspective of a  13 year old.  

As an ADULT“We Need to Talk About Kevin” by Lionel Shriver. Highly recommended read. Intense, emotional exploration about how a parent deals with an unloved child who murdered 7 of his fellow high school students. In the wake of the Columbine killings etc, this book delves into the other side of the story…. the killer’s parents & not the victim’s parents.

3. A best friend.
Fat Dragon. My soul mate. Kindred spirit. Best friend.  

4. A favourite childhood memory.
I hated going for piano lessons every Saturday evening when I was a kid.  My parents would compensate for it by taking me out for dinner in KFC, in Esquire Kitchen, in Taste of Thailand (the Thai restaurant name might be wrong, my memory fails me – but it was in Imbi).  In the 70’s, these places were a novelty really. (Shucks…giving my age away..hmmph)…..

5. Your favourite animal.
Judy. My alsation/ mongrel mixed breed pet dog. Had her from when I was 12 years old to 19 years old. Will never forget the unconditional love a pet can give you. She never failed to run out of the house to greet me when I came back from school, rain or shine. Will never forget the pain of losing her when we put her to sleep at the Vet’s. Never had a pet ever since.

6. Your favourite food.
Undisputedly….ROAST DUCK….a.k.a. KAO YA….a.k.a. SIU NGAP…….my mouth is watering already!!!! (Been to Sunshine, Paramount for their Roast Duck????….TO DIE FOR…Uummm juicy, succulent, tender…..but…. long queue!!!!! )

7. An item of clothing you can’t do without.
Hmmm ……. would love to say that cute black dress …. but so over it already.  I would say its my trustee white oxford shirt & my light blue, boot cut  jeans. Sorry… cheated here, its two items but yeah… I always pack it with me for travel coz the shirt makes the ensemble a little less casual and the jeans makes the ensemble a little less formal…… ummmm, you getting me?

8. Something you collect.
Decorative Collectibles as long as it strikes my eye (& kind to the pocket). Carvings, glass ware, ceramic ware, pictures, paintings, clocks, bird cages …….the list goes on….as long as its something you can use for decoration! Gotta hold myself back tho coz these things take up wall space, storage space, you name it… & you can only store so much in your home……. sigh….. wonder if I can auction them off when I’m old. Any takers out there?????

9. Your favourite store to shop in.
IKEA (of course) … can shop, can get ideas, can eat, most importantly…. don’t get hassled!

10. Your favourite flower.
Let me digress a bit – In general, I like flowers LIVE…. don’t like them DEAD – so DON’T send me flowers….. Fat Dragon was really smart. He gave me a porcelain rose for our first Valentine. It would have lasted me until today,…..ummm that is if I hadn’t thrown it away. Ahahahahah – no offence Fat Dragon!!!!!!  

OK, back to the subject – it’s ORCHIDS, love the vibrant colours of the flower. Love the simplicity of the plant. Great idea Thai Airways has, giving orchids away as broaches. ….. dead though they may be.  Now I’m contradicting myself. OK, for orchids, I’ll make an exception – they’re wanted DEAD or ‘A’LIVE.

tag2.jpg    And now, its my pleasure to tag – Roaring Forties……….