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The definitive 2010 …

The New Year is round the corner….. Fat Dragon & I are still working off the excesses of last X’mas weekend ~ with food holding on to the lead role … OMG, the food ‘cast’ was endless, we had turkey, siew yok, 2 different pastas, roast chickens, assam fish, butter cakes, fish fillets stuffed with mushrooms, Bonafie pies, strawberry tarts, pigs in blankets, bruscettas  …….. washed down with some toddy (yes, fermented coconut juice), wines, coffees & teas. Needless to say they have all made handsome contributions to our waistlines. My sincerest thanks to organisers of this year’s lunch and dinner organisers for pampering us with yummy food & lavish gifts ….

Ironically whilst we were having a hullabaloo time … the 26th of Dec marked the 5th anniversary of the Tsunami …. Excess vs deprivation … Celebration vs. Mourning .. A sobering thought indeed.

…. and in the midst of this glorious food fiesta, YP came up brilliant suggestion!  She felt that on X’mas days some time in the future, we should actually go to  a home for the elderly or even an orphanage with gifts & goodies as a ‘pay it forward’ gesture. Why not?  Why don’t we share our excesses with the underprivileged. We could always wine and dine, after … in celebration. Not too much to ask really. 

Could 2010 be the start to a definitive new year, one filled with giving, instead of overindulging & stuffing ourselves? Hmmm… food for thought ~ pun intended.  

I salute YP for coming up with this suggestion. It’s a shame none of us thought about it earlier. Thanks YP …. !

p.s. Have a great 2010 everyone!


Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009


I shan’t bore you with resolutions or a review of the past year this time round. Instead, I decided to pay tribute to the end of a good year 2008 & to start off the year with a photo collage ….  I took these pictures on the 30th of December in the heart of the city along Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail …..

It was a brilliant blue sky day .. the sun was shining brightly… it was a riot of colours, colours, colours & more colours …. such a pleasure to soak in this happy atmosphere that day! 


 A befitting end to a fantastic year & a sign of hope for better things to come in 2009!!!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy 2009 … may it bring you one step closer to your dreams & aspirations!!!!!!!  Thank you all for your friendship & love!

p.s. OK … maybe a little update on what’s been happening..

  • bought a X’mas present for myself in December… to rephrase, HAD TO … buy myself a pair of  prescription reading glasses…  dog gone fonts for books seem to be getting smaller & blurrier..
  • took up photography thanks to an anniversary present by Fat Dragon .. realised that I’ve got a talent for pointing & shooting … aahhaahahah… not necessarily fantastic pics .. but decent lah. Check them out here if you like …
  • indulged in outdoor activities to the max … so I can now jog non stop for 5km in about 1/2 hr .. hope to push it to 10km under an hour this year!
  • made numerous new friends who share a passion for eating, drinking and being merry – & most importantly – hunting for waterfalls & giant rafflesias! Absolutely great to be able to commune with kindred spirits.. fantabulous I say … (if there is such a word)
  • bought myself a MAC BOOK … so am now in the midst of pulling my hair out trying to figure it out!!!!!!
  • indulged into the world of translation for the very first time involving cartoons for a TV network .. am happy to report that the language used in these productions are totally inappropriate for young kids & absolutely filled with violence! What happened to things like Snoopy? or Scooby Doo? Sigh…. culture shock for me indeed!
  • most importantly, was able to experience all this together with Fat Dragon! Thank you for sharing these moments with me!
  • Resolution for the year: CLIMB MOUNT KINABALU!!!!!!!!!