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Close encounters of the ‘contractor’ kind….

I’m breathing a sigh of relief right now…… some minor renovation works that are being done in the house are nearing completion & YAY …. no untoward incidence of the contractor running out in the middle of the job ….. no ‘collateral damage’ to existing furniture and fittings in the house … & am just so grateful that it’s a pretty good job done ….

Well, just to share a amusing ‘facts’  experience has taught when encountering contractors ….

1. “I do everything”. Famous quote by contractors who claim they can do everything from wetworks to kitchen cabinets …  Well, technically, it means they know how to outsource everything … So truly, if you want something nice done, you might want to source some services on your own, especially if it involves fittings like your wardrobe or even the kitchen cabinets. If not, always insist on material samples or pictures of works done, to make sure you get what you want.

2. “We don’t use Indon workers“.  Don’t be tricked into thinking you’re getting Chinese sifu’s instead  …  they actually utilise Bangladeshi labourers. Cheaper and more ‘obedient’, so they claim….. (I personally prefer them to Indons too, Bangladeshi’s are very polite and mild mannered) … Whatever it is, for the final touches, make sure that the works are fine tuned by the Chinese sifu’s especially when walls need to be plastered or window frames need to be done….. If not, you might have to live with a crooked wall or a crooked window frame…. seriously.    

3. Don’t choose the guy with lowest quote. The quality of materials given might be compromised. Even the cement used has different grades. Don’t be surprised if they use cheap mortar & your tiles come loose in a year or so ….. 

4. Beware of fly by night contractors without a proper registered company. These guys are just out to make a quick buck, cashing in on the band wagon. They promise the sky, they are quick to ‘demand’ for a ‘deposit’  but slow to pay their outsourced labour. At the end of the day, you will end up paying the price as there could be a huge delay on works to be done …… and worse still, if these guys run out on the job half way through.

 5. Digressing a little here, don’t trust colour charts issued by the paint manufacturers. There are so many variables that will affect the colour …. sunlight, yellow light, white light etc etc. A case in point is the ‘fog grey’ weather shield which we chose for our balcony floor. It looked dark in the chart but ended up so light when painted. It turns out it that area is under the direct glare of the sunlight hence the lighter shade ….  Tip: If you’re painting & you’re not too sure of the colour, buy a small tin of it just to make sure you like the colour.

6. Never take your contractor’s word for it.  Do your own research.  Most of the times they will tell you ‘this’ cannot be done, ‘that’ cannot be done just because it’s too much hassle. Know your rights. Insist. If they know you won’t back down, they will try to do things your way. 

7. Expect delays. …. I think it’s safe to extend the time frame set by the contractor for works done by another 20 to 30% (if you’re lucky) … Trust me there will be delays here and there … The reason being… we cannot predict the weather, we cannot predict whether suppliers of certain fittings etc will come on time, we also cannot predict the additional works that need to be done if ‘collateral damage’ happens i.e. pipes drilled into accidentally, damage to floors etc, etc.  In addition to that, the contractor might also be juggling two or three jobs. Let me share a story with you how long the delay can be …. A friend bought an old double storey house in Taman Tun. When he started renovations, the neighbour’s wife had just given birth. By the time the renovations were done, the baby had already started walking. Imagine that!  

Well…that’s just a few things that come to mind….. & oh yeah…. you wouldn’t believe the wonders a can of COKE does for you …. always keep some handy to offer to workers who come to your house. They really appreciate it & instead of slacking off… they even point out mistakes made by others to you so that you can get it rectified …. Speaking from experience…..

Happy Renovating all!


WOW…. Sixth Sense ROCKS!

Fancy being able to look cOoL like Tom Cruise in the sci-fi movie  Minority Report ? Fancy being able to calculate your bills by having a number pad projected onto your palms …. or picking up a book & having an Amazon book rating projected on the book cover ……

Sixth Sense , a wearable gestural interface, is the  device to look out for.

Researchers from the media lab in MIT say…… “The device can help a user to interact with the environment with natural gestures and there by perceiving the meta data about the subjects in real-time.”

 It comprises a camera, a battery operable projector, a mirror, tracker caps (all wearable around your neck) & they are all connected to your phone, which is for computation & communication purposes.

For example, if you want information about a certain product (i.e.  a book) that you’re buying, you just face the subject with the camera. By just using natural physical gestures (much like drawing with your fingers in the air), the camera picks up the commands & calls up the information (very much like Googling … sans the typing). The beauty is, this info that comes up can be projected on ANY surface, i.e. a book, a wall, even your hand. Fussfree I say.

This gadget is the brainchild of Pranav Mistry (pic), a Phd student in MIT & is being flooded with rave reviews … Although still a work in progress, imagine the potential… It not only opens up new avenues in the information age … it also provides a lot of potential for the physically challenged i.e. the deaf and the blind …. And …. at the cost of  only USD350 … so they say …

See it for yourself here in the video demo for this device …… it truly is fantastic & relevant to the times! Talk about thinking out of the box, Pranav Mistry is a GENIUS!

Our virgin A1GP experience…

I only need 3 words to describe our virgin A1GP experience from 3pm to 4.30pm in Sepang last Sunday, the 23rd of Nov 2008 …… Pure adrenalin rush!

There were 5 of us at the race – Fat Dragon, KC, Faith,  Shawn & myself – all of whom have never been to a motor race in our lives. The only thing we knew was that we have a circuit in Sepang and there are F1 races held there in March every year (we know coz there’s a MEGASALE accompanying this event all the time). We know that F1 pits different car makers against each other. A1, pits nations against each other, so they drive cars of only one make i.e. Ferrari.  Well, that is all the information that the 5 of us (put together) knew. Kind of, pathetic, right?

So, why on earth would we brave the jam to go see an A1GP Feature Race (the 3rd race for the season)… a race we knew little about. Did we not have anything better to do than to watch 19 cars from different countries go round and round 34 times through the whole length of the circuit for an hour and 10 minutes? Does not make sense. You might say.   

The magic word is FREE. You see, we had FREE GRAND STAND TICKETS, thanks to KC. Who could pass up on that? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

We seriously did not deserve to be at the race – We had no inkling what was going on. A sample of the conversation we had between each other was – “So who’s leading, ah?”, “Ummm, the fluorescent green car!”, “No. 2 is also green.”, “Which one is Malaysia’s car?”, “Umm, the yellow one.”,  “What’s the driver’s name?”, “Ummm…. Fairuz something.” “Wah, damn good lah the green car! Nobody can catch up with him man!”, “The orange car is following Malaysia so closely – dangerous!”, “Fuyoh, Malaysia just overtook the white grey car!” ….

Tak ada respect betul! We reduced Ireland, Portugal & Italy to a flurry of fluorescent green, the ‘No. 2 green‘ & the White Grey  images without batting an eye lid ….. ! That’s what you get for not doing research before embarking on something foreign….. & poor Roaring Forties eyesight of course. You see, the names of the countries could be found at the back of the A1 vehicles but hey … its not easy to read something printed on the back of something traveling in the regions of 200kph ok?

Following this, you might think, those jokers must have been BORED stiff. Wonder if they left early.

Actually, we sat through the whole race – all 34 laps. Unbelievable, right? .. But, I can’t begin to describe to you the feeling you get when you’re there witnessing the LIVE event … 

Your ear drums feel like they’re about to burst when the cars race past. Your jaws seem to vibrate. Your heart seems to be jumping out of your rib cage. What an ADRENALIN RUSH to the power of infinity! I cannot explain it. Maybe it was symbolic of the skill & precision required in winning a race, the endurance & strength of the drivers, the power of the engines, the sheer raw guts, the glamour …

100% of our attention was on the track. We kept an eagle eye on each and every car (even though it was identified only by colour) whenever they came to the circuit stretch facing our seats. Look at the map below for an idea of our position. We were seated in the Grandstands facing the 14 to 15 stretch. Must say it offered a great vantage point as we could see & hear the cars coming once they reached point 7 itself.


We held our breaths when cars tried to overtake at the 9 & 15 corner stretches. We were awed by the top speeds (up to 240kph) in the straight stretch between 14 and 15. Last but not least … we were carried by the ROAR of the engines …  it was simply MAGNIFICENT. We were cheering & clapping …. for YELLOW of course..ahahaahaah!!!!!

Believe you me, what you see on TV is NOTHING. It does not come close to anything that you experience when you see a race LIVE, albeit just an A1 race.

Not one complaint came out of our mouths. No one complained of boredom. No one complained about the dirty seats. No one complained about the heat from the afternoon sun. No one regretted coming. Fullstop.

Conclusion: We left Sepang with a very satisfied feel & a new determination to learn more about the sport. We did have a few contentions with the organisers on how they could have stepped up the facilities in the circuit a bit more. The displays should have been working so that the spectators were aware of lap numbers, times, car positions. The venue should have been better maintained. The traffic jam and parking facilities better managed. But hey, those things were secondary in our minds. To use motorsport analogy, our engines have been revved,  a combustion of sorts has been ignited …. I have a feeling a FAN, i.e. moi, is born ….!!!!!

I’m still on a high as I type of this blog…my head is still reeling (in a good way, of course) from the experience. FUYOH!


P.S. I have a confession to make, the 5 of us were so hooked that we watched the feature race again on Astro that night in our house after dinner for race reviews & highlights! Believe it or not.

P.P.S. Oh FYI, the YELLOW car – the one driven by Fairuz Fauzy for Malaysia… It finished 10th, thereby earning 1 point in the championship. He could have had a podium finish as he was in 3rd placing for quite a few laps but he made a bizarre pit stop on the 17th lap. Apparently he thought he was called in by his team but it was a communication glitch. The call was made by another country’s team to their driver but Fairuz heard the radio call instead. Drama drama betul! Oh, and the fluorescent green car driven by Adam Carroll for Ireland went on to win the race that afternoon. Check out the highlights on this link.

P.P.P.S. Next race, Taupo, New Zealand. Jan 25, 09. Till then….


…. of pigtails & aphrodisiacs….!!!!!

We were breaking plates…. We were guzzling German Weisen beer (dark wheat beer)……We were sucking gravy laced fingers & slobbering away – Our motto for the night “Bring on the cholesterol!”…

…Definitely not a typical Wednesday night but what the heck, we were having a ball of a time celebrating the homecoming of Pink Jeans & ML who are back for their summer hols at El Cerdo’s situated along the very hip Changkat Bukit Bintang. It was a night to EAT, DRINK and be VERY MERRY for Doug, Mich, Yit, VM, ML, Pink Jeans, DS, FD & I ….. 

No prizes for guessing what was for dinner. PIG of course….or PIGLET to be exact. Well, we all sobered up as required by decorum, when the hostess offered to tell us the story of our little friend who was lying inate on a wooden platter, all browned & roasted into a crispy delicacy … waiting to be devoured. You see, as introductions went by, we found out our little cooked friend was a German. It was only three weeks old. It had its body bathed in a white wine marinate for 3 days before it was thrown into a ‘roaring spit’ so to say……… (Please don’t be fooled – not one Roaring Fortier batted an eyelid upon hearing the narrative – Pink Jeans  commented, “I’d eat it even if it had a name”“Aye! Aye! PJ”. We meat eaters should just be upfront about it. No room for hypocrisy here)……. And so it goes, that the crispy, juicy  carcass was to be chopped into small pieces with plates by the guys…. Yup, you read right, you get to chop it up yourself with a plate, not a knife. You even get to break it into a wooden bucket, with a noisy clang -for GOOD LUCK apparently. Wasteful you say? Oh heck – break away – you’re paying for it)  …….. The finale entails our little roasted buddy being  eaten from “nose to tail” as the restaurant’s tag line suggests… Ah, bliss!!! (Apologies to vegetarians if this sounds offensive)

Needless to say, gluttony ruled that night & the nose to tail experience was so good, we ordered a second piglet for the night. (Sigh…gotta exercise harder the next day… oh but that’s another day)………….

Now, whilst the two piggies were being gobbled up, the usual jostling & fighting for choice pieces came about until we reached the “apple stalk of a thing” with a curl at the end resting on the laurels of our roasted piggy……..i.e. the tail –  “You eat it”, “No You eat it”…. DS ended up eating the first pig tail and then when the 2nd pig tail was up for grabs, the guys suggested “Why don’t one of the girls eat it……” ….. Now the hostess could not help overhearing and decided that some intervention was required. “NO!! GIRLS CANNOT EAT IT”. “Do you know what happens if you eat the tail?” …..which prompted a quick “NO”  from all of us. “TELL US!”. “Shan’t tell you guys until you decide who’s going to eat the 2nd tail”……. “Aw come on …” … and then it was decided ….. “VMYOU eat the 2nd tail!” …

Then she lays it on us….. (looking at VM & DS)….. “The PIG tail is going to make the guys strong tonight!” which produced an all round “Whoa!!!”  from everyone …. curious eyes darting back & forth between DS & VM. Pressure Pressure. Well, the pig’s tail is apparently an aphrodisiac.

First I’ve heard of really!

According to Wikipedia,

“An aphrodisiac is an agent which is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable”

I’ve heard of animal based aphrodisiacs like tigers’ penises & rhinoceros’ horns  but pig’s tail is new to me. Now male libido is clearly linked to the levels of testosterone right? So it is alleged that you can elevate it by eating parts of male animal anatomies. As for the pig’s tail? What if the tail came from a female? Wouldn’t that boost your estrogen levels? Now would that still give men the desired effect … anyway, awaiting feedback from VM & DS. Who knows, if the tail came from a female piggie it may even boost your alternative sexual desires!!!!! Food for thought.

YUM SENG EVERYONE! … eh heh heh heh …..

 P.S. Welcome back Pink Jeans & fly, ML & fly.

P.P.S. To the rest of the party – Viva la Good Food, Good Drinks & last but not least Good Company!

P.P.P.S. Viva la Non Halal Restaurants the ultimate EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY experience. In case you’re interested in going to El Cerdo, the address is No. 43 – 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang.  For a quick guide on where Changkat BB is, refer to this map, courtesy of Radius Hotel. El Cerdo is not far from the hotel.

… Love mattress anyone???


Too bad Valentine’s day is over…….I came across the funniest product that won the coveted Red Dot Furniture Design award in Germany & I nearly fell off my chair laughing. It’s a LOVE mattress. 

Tell me, how many of you end up with pins and needles along your arms after a cuddling exploit in bed? … Umm… that’s a no brainer answer of course!

Mr. Mojtabavi Mehdi, an award winning designer who hails from Tehran, Iran came up with a solution during a ‘brilliant’ light bulb moment – Why not design a foam block which is flanked by ten, 3-inch wide foam slats which are slung together on either ends of the mattress, respectively.  The slats are supposed to provide an avenue for the limbs to escape to while cuddling, thereby preventing them from being pressured by the partner’s body weight, hence alleviating numbness.  Here’s the “blue print” of the mattress ….



Since the top and bottom halves of the mattress are slatted, you can then slot…….

….. your ARMS like this ….


  or your FEET like that …………


How about that?…. Aahahahhhh, so, LOVE MATTRESS anyone??? Indeed worth thinking about …..

Dunno about your response but Mr. Mojtabavi sure is “passionate” about this product. In an interview with an online home magazine, he stresses that the act of embracing in bed is “important for strengthening relationships; However, what usually stops this pleasant state is not mental tiredness, it is physical weakness”. …  By that, I guess he means to do away with you getting your circulation cut off when your partner’s body weight conforms to the forces of gravity onto your arm …… or your feet! 

The mattress is currently a prototype but has won many awards since being unveiled ….. !!! Wow, see how excited Westerners get when you talk about bedroom issues…??

Hmmm…I do have some serious questions in my mind related to this product…..

  1. Umm… what sheets do you use for these mattresses… you mean we have to individually wrap the slats at the upper and lower half of the mattress …whoa, housekeeping nightmare, not to mention having to buy customised sheets along with it!
  2. Now I wonder how comfy a foam block with slats would be….. imagine if you’re in an air conditioned room, you wanna get warm & cozy under the blanket…suddenly a cold draft drifts up from the slats at the bottom….

Well, maybe that’s why its still a prototype. Oh well, for the sake of a GOOD CUDDLE, I’m sure we can ALL make some allowances 🙂

Bring on the love, baby!

p.s. I wonder what Lillian Too  has to say about this mattress. Do you remember those Queen/ King sized beds sets which come with separate mattresses so as to minimize disturbances when the other person moves? ….Well there was a big NO NO from her! Not good feng shui, she says. Significant of a split relationship. Wah…. what a nightmare it would be for her to explain 10 splits on the top half and 10 splits at the bottom half of the love mattress.

p.p.s. Well, it sure isn’t bad feng shui for Mr. Mojtabavi ….. given the awards he’s been garnering in addition to the mattress design! His hanger and his tape dispenser  designs have also won him awards …. Fancy that!

Down Memory Lane…

Nationalists & historians would of course look upon the British Colonial era as something representing oppression & suppression… but there are some things left over from the colonial days which should be cherished & appreciated…


We stayed at a holiday bungalow called Hilltop in Cameron Highlands, which is run and owned by the Eu Yan Sang group, over Election weekend.

The colonial influence is evident in the Tudor inspired architecture  of the bungalow. This is reflected in the use of rough sawn timber on the outside of the house to create a post and beam look. The two tiered grounds are beautifully landscaped & although a little run down, the house is cosy enough! 

The four room bungalow comes complete with multiple fire places (can you see the chimneys in the picture?) &  a solid wood flooring, all in keeping with the cool highland weather. It also contains a vast array of antique furniture ranging from the dining table, the chairs, right down to the bedroom armoires & dressing tables.  All the doors of the house still have antiquated iron locks and keys ……. of which Mrs. Chong the housekeeper would never fail to remind us “Turn the key gently please…… if it breaks, there isn’t any locksmith left ALIVE who’d be able to duplicate the keys!” …. umm.. point duly noted Mrs. Chong!

Everything held a fascination for me personally, the taps, the tiles, the clawfoot bathtubs….. seriously, everything. If you look closely at the oversized sinks in the bathroom,  there is even a cool leopard logo (or is it a cheetah?) and it proudly prints “Made in England”. Gosh, it must be over 100 years old. Though old, the sinks are in good condition & of the finest quality unlike the cheap ceramics & bath taps of today.

The place is brimming with history……& now that Mrs. Chong the resident housekeeper is leaving, I fear part of the bungalow’s history is probably leaving with her. After 20 plus years of service, she has become part of the holiday home’s identity. She runs a tight one woman ship (plus a helper, if the crowd is large). The aroma of her scones wafts through the house during tea time and she can whip up a complete full course Western dinner that would leave you bursting at the seams. Her Roast Leg of Lamb is a real kick-ass meal ….! When a Roaring Fortier asked her better half “What is the most memorable thing in Cameron?“…he replied “The LAMB“. Well…. so much for good company, eh?

We now live in the 21st century where quaint dwellings with multiple nooks and corners have been replaced by buildings with clean architectural lines using fuss free materials like steel & glass! I hope that bungalows like Hill Top will remain as it is & never get demolished. Yes, it might be run down but god forbid that it be torn down to build a modern high rise structure which is economically more viable. We have enough of that all over. It lacks character. It lacks identity. Its STERILE. Everything from the facade, to the interior should be preserved, for the sake of history!

We all need to be reminded of what it was like when we go down memory lane ………………!!!  

P.S. If you have plans to stay at the Bungalow, you need to call Euco to make reservations. Do call weeks ahead as weekends are normally fully booked.

P.P.S. The map below given in the website is a bit vague. Important thing is, when you get to Camerons (direction from Tapah), head towards the Golf Course. When you see the green on the right, look out for the Dahlia Apartments which is situated on the left hand side of the road. Turn left when you see it. You will see a road fork straight after turning, keep left. After that you will come to another road fork…keep right. This will bring you along the private road leading to Hilltop, perched alone on top of its own private hill.


The Crocs-Files….’The Truth is Out There’

xfiles-aliens.jpg….I now hand over the baton to …..


I have a theory. I think the  Crocs  phenomenon is the now defunct X-files phenomenon in disguise. Why do I say that, you might ask? Well, let’s look at the time line. The X-files lasted 9 years from 1998 up to 2002 & Crocs, started in 2002 – just as if Crocs picked up where the X-files left off. Too much of a coincidence I say!  The plot thickens…… Both have their fair share of believers and the sceptics which is reminiscent of Mulder’s & Scully’s roles.  Last but not least, both phenomena are driven by one basic element. Aliens. In the X-files, its the invasion of aliens amongst humankind. In Crocs, it’s of course the invasion of croc like alien-shoes amongst human hearts…….ummm… feet I mean. 

It’s a unexplainable indeed. How on earth did this clunky, ‘plastic’,  aesthetically challenged sandal become such a huge footwear icon????? Many believe in the Crocs being the ‘truth’ in footwear, proudly attesting to its chiropractic, orthotic powers (the latest claim is that it has diabetes relieving properties – believe it or not). Many people whose professions require them to stand the whole day i.e. nurse, painters etc have claimed that Crocs have changed their lives. And most importantly, this product is able to generate over US300 million in yearly revenues (’06) for Croc Inc. & its share price has risen from about uS6 at the beginning of 2006 to as high as US69 in Oct 07.  (It has since plunged to about US29 per share @31.1.08 – but still a decent price, no?).   

What drives this phenomenon.. I wonder? Echoing the tagline from the X-Files

The Truth is Out There”……………….  

Truth No. 1 is that its application has grown by leaps & bounds. Crocs has humble beginnings. It started out as a ‘plastic’ sandal for boating because of its waterproof properties, non marking & slip resistant soles. That’s why Crocs started out with beach crocs which till today is one of its bestsellers still! However, it is worn for everything under the sun now. From hiking to shopping, from gardening to working the ubiquitous bright colours of crocs can be seen adorning the feet of millions of croc fans who scream & rave about its therapeutic abilities.  


Truth No. 2 is that it appeals to the masses. Crocs are made of this light weight material called Croslite. Its supposed to be anti-bacterial, odour free,  slip resistant. The original design is also well ventilated thanks to the holes on top of the shoe to promote air flow. These functional properties appeal to both young and old, in other words – the masses. See the Crocs product banner above :  ‘crocs shoes are for everyone’. It’s a low maintenance, no fuss shoe which has prompted critics to say that its worn by people with a “anything goes” attitude. This is probably true given that some wearers have gone overboard to wear it for all occasions be it formal or informal ………. But, it is unfair to give the shoe a bad rap if the wearer is not able to match the propriety of their footwear to the occasion.  However, it is this very mass market appeal that I feel helps maintain a healthy sales level for the company. On the back of its declining share price end of last year, some models were totally sold out during the last X’mas season. So, do not be mistaken, the drop in share price is in no way reflective of declining consumer interest. It is more likely reflective of investors perception of the stock valuation instead. 

Truth no. 3 is comfort.  Crocs are a walking irony. They are a fashion disaster which has bucked the trend by endearing itself to a lot of wearer’s hearts. The shoe possesses a side profile which resembles its name sake – the crocodile. In fact this is why its creators were inspired to call them Crocs. At the risk of looking cartoonish, how attractive can a pair of shoes which looks like a reptile be? The answer is COMFORT. Crocs’ success clearly shows that comfort has won the tug-of-war over aesthetics. The cushy ‘cros-lite’ material used apparently form fits itself to the contour of the wearer’s feet. This very quality has made it popular amongst people whose jobs require them to stand on their feet all day i.e. nurses, painters, gardeners, etc. Although there have been complaints by podiatrists & chiropractors that people with feet or back trouble have overrated its benefits, many have claimed that the shoe has been ‘life-changing’. The crossover from recreational use to professional use has also added another pendulum for growth.  The crossover would not have been possible without the aid of ‘comfort’. 

Truth no. 4 is that the brand has benefitted from both good & bad publicity.  Anti Crocs websites like IhateCrocs represent a group of people who are out to ‘kill’ the brand. There have even been Croc burning ceremonies as a show of protest . There have been reports of accidents involving children wearing Crocs & escalators. There have also been reports from hospitals about added incidents of static shocks passed over from nurses wearing crocs to patients. But negative publicity is still publicity as propagated by advertisers. It attracts attention. It arouses the curiosity of people in general. In my opinion, this only serves to elevate the cult like status of Crocs. It propels the fence sitters to come out & try the shoe out – to seek the truth so to say.  So to avid Crocs haters, I say to you, perhaps your actions have resulted in an opposite reaction?          

Whether you are a Croc Mulder (believer) or a Croc Scully (sceptic), one cannot dispute the success of the brand.  It’s strong revenue bears testimony to the strength of the brand. What can go wrong? …….

Well, the company will probably have to brace the emergence of a Cancer Man  in their success story. He could come in the form of ‘a passing fad’ maybe, or in the form of a  ‘new competing brand’?……. Who knows?  Important thing is crocs is out to prove that they’re the ones who are understand your feet best …… And you can be sure they’re not about to entrust this responsibility to anyone else in the near future. Don’t be surprised if they pitch the following to you…….. 


but Crocs to take care of your feet!!!!”

p.s. The company is aware of the market challenges ahead of them. They have come up with new lines which are more aesthetically pleasing & are seeking to expand the application to include a line for ‘diabetics’…(how will that work, I wonder?).

p.p.s. BTW, I DO NOT OWN a pair of Crocs….. Fat Dragon has 2 pairs. I think that  more than makes up the statistics for ‘number of crocs per household’. So you see, I’m the Mulder of the family….& Fat Dragon, the Scully. 🙂