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Acrophobia anyone?

Fat Dragon & I had the pleasure of participating in the Skytrex Adventure Extreme Challenge at the Taman Pertanian in Bukit Cerakah Seri Alam Park, in Shah Alam, Selangor recently. Tucked away in the jungle, lie 3 obstacle circuits ranging from 3metres (abt 9 ft) to 22 metres (abt 66 ft) high & it is built high amongst the canopy of the forest. Not for the faint hearted & certainly not those fear of heights. But then again, call it mid life crisis, whatever, these 2 Roaring Fortiers decided to give it a go ….. & straight into the deep end…or more appropriate, the high end ~  for The Extreme Challenge. Typical ~ sigh!  

The first challenge, a flying fox challenge stretched across a river about 1 km long. Should be peanuts ….. or so I thought…. 

The start point involves climbing a rope ladder to a wooden platform built round a tree trunk. I was probably about 50 feet up in the air upon reaching the platform….. yup, only about 50 feet … the figure seems so miniscule on paper. The climb up the rope ladder seemed endless …. Imagine, by the time I reached the target … my hands were shaking from the strain & …. that so called ‘kacang puteh’ 50 feet seemed so daunting.  Hmmm… why oh why, did the younger participants ahead of me make it look so easy????????

Before I knew it …. I stood frozen on the platform when confronted with the flying fox across the river. My feet stayed planted on the platform, refusing to move!

The park instructor below was gesturing HARD with his hands urging me to “LET GO! Start flying!” …… I looked down at him. Without shame I told him … “TAKUT!!!!” ….. He replied … “TAK TAKUTLAH!” …..

AAAARRRRrrrrrrrrGGGGGHhhhhhhhhhhh …. GULP! The next platform seems so far away ….. the person there looks like a matchstick ……. YES YES, I know our bodies are held by safety harnesses with 2 safety cables attached to the main line with carabiners but …… What if the carabiner unlocks itself????? …. What if the safety line breaks with my weight????…… What if I hold the contraption wrongly &  I spin mid air?????? ……….. OH OH OH … WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!!!!!!! Worse still, the river below looks so far below …… Huh… when in fear,  that 50 feet feels magnified to a hundred feet up!!!!!! 

MORE gesturing by the instructor. Panic panic. I looked down at him & showed him (again) that I was really scared by patting my chest repeatedly …. His eyes must have rolled up at that moment, but I was too high to see …. but I did see him waving his hand frantically urging me to GO! He was probably thinking “MORON…! Stop wasting time …. Vacate the platform for the next person climbing up!”.  

Yikes … I have to let go soon …. yikes yikes yikes….. I reached up, dug both my thumbs into the carabiner & held hard … now if only I could just relax… swing my legs out & sit on the harness …….I CAN’T .. I CAN’T  …… Oh NO, climber approaching platform … Have to go…HAVE TO GO!  COME ON …. COME ON… LET gOoooooooOOOOooooo!!!!!! Next thing I know, I was flying through the air … arms ultra tense with the grip ….. ….Don’t look DOWN …. DON’T LOOK DOWN …*I look down of course* ~ law of opposites prevails …OMG, OMG, OMG ~ even my heart felt like it was flying out ….. I was flying through the air for only 15-20 seconds but it felt forever ……….

And that was the end of the first challenge. A rude awakening for me. Never knew I had a fear of heights. Seriously didn’t realize it.  Boy was I relieved when I landed on the next platform with a big THUMP…………. Phew, I survived….. but that was just the beginning …. Onward to another rope ladder climb towards the next platform & another 20 challenges to come, only to emerge from the jungle 2 1/2 hours later! 


Wikipedia defines acrophobia as ”

Acrophobia (from the Greek: ἄκρον, ákron , meaning “peak, summit, edge” and φόβος, phóbos, “fear”) is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. It belongs to a category of specific phobias, called space and motion discomfort that share both similar etiology and options for treatment.

Acrophobia can be dangerous, as sufferers can experience a panic attack in a high place and become too agitated to get themselves down safely.”

Well, technically I guess I don’t suffer from acrophobia 100% but …. the moments of hesitation that I felt when flying & standing high up in the platform really surprised me. Never realized that I’d be feeling weak at the knees like that …..


I have a confession to make …… I’m an addict!

According to Wikipedia: 

The term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction, crime, alcoholism, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, pornography, etc.

Oh dear … did I just see computer addiction in the definition … YIKES … I AM AN ADDICT!!!!!! A computer addict! A Facebook addict & A Flickr addict!  

Well you shouldn’t be surprised. The keyword for addiction is obsession & compulsion! So, it is only natural an OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE like me …… gets hooked easily…. on some habit!!!!!!!!!!! Phew, luckily, it does not include physical activities like trekking etc in the definition … or else I’d be labled a TREKKIE ADDICT or an ADRENALIN ADDICT too!!!!!! Off the hook there….. Thank goodness for that. Can’t afford rehab for so many addictions!!!!

facebookLet’s talk about the source of my FB addiction first… You see, if was our trekking activities that got me started on it.  The people we met were mostly FB members… Well, since I was not an FB member back then, I obviously had to ask for people’s email addresses ~ So, I communicated via these portals. But after numerous treks, some of them who got familiar with me, started asking me repeatedly WHY WHY WHY aren’t you in FB. Ummm…well how about ‘preserving my privacy?’. Does that constitute a good answer? 

However, one of the main activities of FB is the exchange of comments made on pictures after certain events & some of the exchanges are really hilarious!  Fat Dragon was kind enough to update me on the chit chat going on …. Well… given the high turnover of comments, FD just couldn’t cope with providing the service to me anymore  …… & so he offered to ‘open an account’ for me.

Well, he didn’t need to. I ‘opened an account’ myself.  Well, curiosity has killed the cat ~ or rather the horse 🙂  It’s only been about a month since I joined & there’s no turning back………. I’m hooked. Each time I log on to the computer, I sign on to FB on…..sigh….  this is bad.  Well, one good thing has come out of it though… Fat Dragon and I are having a blast of a time doing things like Rafflesia hunting &  waterfall hunting, activities made possible by outdoor groups in FB. Activities that we would not have been able to do ourselves. Some of the places we go to are remote & if you pay guides to help you go in, it would be expensive. FB has opened up a new avenue for Cuti Cuti Malaysia I would say, at backpacker prices.  So, this addiction is a small price to pay ….  I think … Hey, and I’m not alone you know. Do you know if you google ‘FB addiction’, you’d get 4.4million hits! This is a serious social phenomena, man!  But I take consolation in knowing that I’m just a drop in the ocean of FB addicts!!!!!!!  If you’re not sure whether you’re a facebook addict … well, check out THIS video & see how many YES’s you answer to the checklist given. 

My 2nd addiction is Flickr. Flickr is an avenue for sharing photos & videos. My Flickr account was set up half a year ago after Fat Dragon bought me a Lumix Panasonic digital camera as an anniversary present.  When I got the present, I thought to myself… Oh but I don’t take pictures ….! You see, coz I laugh at people cam whoring themselves to the max, taking picture after picture of themselves.  This Flickr addiction came full bloom from October actually. Before that I was just taking pictures of  objects in the house & then I graduated to animals in the zoo. But what got me hooked was when I visited other people’s photostreams & discovered the world of abstract photography, minimalism, creative photography & photoshop editing!!!!!!!

So now, I take pictures whenever I can, when I’m at home, when I’m out so that  I can  doctor them ~ & then I can’t wait to upload them every other day! In fact, some of the Flickr members have a project to upload a picture a day for 365 days.  Be warned though if you do pay the site a visit, whilst FD’s photostream is filled with beautiful sceneries & National Geographic type of pictures,  my pictures are quirky &  a product of my whim and fancy…. not everyone’s cup of tea I’m afraid… ahahahah! Well, they do say one man’s meat is another man’s poison!   

So there you go………… Now that you know, I’m an addict ….

Can I still be your friend???????  Muahahahhhhhhhhhh!

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009


I shan’t bore you with resolutions or a review of the past year this time round. Instead, I decided to pay tribute to the end of a good year 2008 & to start off the year with a photo collage ….  I took these pictures on the 30th of December in the heart of the city along Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail …..

It was a brilliant blue sky day .. the sun was shining brightly… it was a riot of colours, colours, colours & more colours …. such a pleasure to soak in this happy atmosphere that day! 


 A befitting end to a fantastic year & a sign of hope for better things to come in 2009!!!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy 2009 … may it bring you one step closer to your dreams & aspirations!!!!!!!  Thank you all for your friendship & love!

p.s. OK … maybe a little update on what’s been happening..

  • bought a X’mas present for myself in December… to rephrase, HAD TO … buy myself a pair of  prescription reading glasses…  dog gone fonts for books seem to be getting smaller & blurrier..
  • took up photography thanks to an anniversary present by Fat Dragon .. realised that I’ve got a talent for pointing & shooting … aahhaahahah… not necessarily fantastic pics .. but decent lah. Check them out here if you like …
  • indulged in outdoor activities to the max … so I can now jog non stop for 5km in about 1/2 hr .. hope to push it to 10km under an hour this year!
  • made numerous new friends who share a passion for eating, drinking and being merry – & most importantly – hunting for waterfalls & giant rafflesias! Absolutely great to be able to commune with kindred spirits.. fantabulous I say … (if there is such a word)
  • bought myself a MAC BOOK … so am now in the midst of pulling my hair out trying to figure it out!!!!!!
  • indulged into the world of translation for the very first time involving cartoons for a TV network .. am happy to report that the language used in these productions are totally inappropriate for young kids & absolutely filled with violence! What happened to things like Snoopy? or Scooby Doo? Sigh…. culture shock for me indeed!
  • most importantly, was able to experience all this together with Fat Dragon! Thank you for sharing these moments with me!
  • Resolution for the year: CLIMB MOUNT KINABALU!!!!!!!!!

Our virgin A1GP experience…

I only need 3 words to describe our virgin A1GP experience from 3pm to 4.30pm in Sepang last Sunday, the 23rd of Nov 2008 …… Pure adrenalin rush!

There were 5 of us at the race – Fat Dragon, KC, Faith,  Shawn & myself – all of whom have never been to a motor race in our lives. The only thing we knew was that we have a circuit in Sepang and there are F1 races held there in March every year (we know coz there’s a MEGASALE accompanying this event all the time). We know that F1 pits different car makers against each other. A1, pits nations against each other, so they drive cars of only one make i.e. Ferrari.  Well, that is all the information that the 5 of us (put together) knew. Kind of, pathetic, right?

So, why on earth would we brave the jam to go see an A1GP Feature Race (the 3rd race for the season)… a race we knew little about. Did we not have anything better to do than to watch 19 cars from different countries go round and round 34 times through the whole length of the circuit for an hour and 10 minutes? Does not make sense. You might say.   

The magic word is FREE. You see, we had FREE GRAND STAND TICKETS, thanks to KC. Who could pass up on that? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

We seriously did not deserve to be at the race – We had no inkling what was going on. A sample of the conversation we had between each other was – “So who’s leading, ah?”, “Ummm, the fluorescent green car!”, “No. 2 is also green.”, “Which one is Malaysia’s car?”, “Umm, the yellow one.”,  “What’s the driver’s name?”, “Ummm…. Fairuz something.” “Wah, damn good lah the green car! Nobody can catch up with him man!”, “The orange car is following Malaysia so closely – dangerous!”, “Fuyoh, Malaysia just overtook the white grey car!” ….

Tak ada respect betul! We reduced Ireland, Portugal & Italy to a flurry of fluorescent green, the ‘No. 2 green‘ & the White Grey  images without batting an eye lid ….. ! That’s what you get for not doing research before embarking on something foreign….. & poor Roaring Forties eyesight of course. You see, the names of the countries could be found at the back of the A1 vehicles but hey … its not easy to read something printed on the back of something traveling in the regions of 200kph ok?

Following this, you might think, those jokers must have been BORED stiff. Wonder if they left early.

Actually, we sat through the whole race – all 34 laps. Unbelievable, right? .. But, I can’t begin to describe to you the feeling you get when you’re there witnessing the LIVE event … 

Your ear drums feel like they’re about to burst when the cars race past. Your jaws seem to vibrate. Your heart seems to be jumping out of your rib cage. What an ADRENALIN RUSH to the power of infinity! I cannot explain it. Maybe it was symbolic of the skill & precision required in winning a race, the endurance & strength of the drivers, the power of the engines, the sheer raw guts, the glamour …

100% of our attention was on the track. We kept an eagle eye on each and every car (even though it was identified only by colour) whenever they came to the circuit stretch facing our seats. Look at the map below for an idea of our position. We were seated in the Grandstands facing the 14 to 15 stretch. Must say it offered a great vantage point as we could see & hear the cars coming once they reached point 7 itself.


We held our breaths when cars tried to overtake at the 9 & 15 corner stretches. We were awed by the top speeds (up to 240kph) in the straight stretch between 14 and 15. Last but not least … we were carried by the ROAR of the engines …  it was simply MAGNIFICENT. We were cheering & clapping …. for YELLOW of course..ahahaahaah!!!!!

Believe you me, what you see on TV is NOTHING. It does not come close to anything that you experience when you see a race LIVE, albeit just an A1 race.

Not one complaint came out of our mouths. No one complained of boredom. No one complained about the dirty seats. No one complained about the heat from the afternoon sun. No one regretted coming. Fullstop.

Conclusion: We left Sepang with a very satisfied feel & a new determination to learn more about the sport. We did have a few contentions with the organisers on how they could have stepped up the facilities in the circuit a bit more. The displays should have been working so that the spectators were aware of lap numbers, times, car positions. The venue should have been better maintained. The traffic jam and parking facilities better managed. But hey, those things were secondary in our minds. To use motorsport analogy, our engines have been revved,  a combustion of sorts has been ignited …. I have a feeling a FAN, i.e. moi, is born ….!!!!!

I’m still on a high as I type of this blog…my head is still reeling (in a good way, of course) from the experience. FUYOH!


P.S. I have a confession to make, the 5 of us were so hooked that we watched the feature race again on Astro that night in our house after dinner for race reviews & highlights! Believe it or not.

P.P.S. Oh FYI, the YELLOW car – the one driven by Fairuz Fauzy for Malaysia… It finished 10th, thereby earning 1 point in the championship. He could have had a podium finish as he was in 3rd placing for quite a few laps but he made a bizarre pit stop on the 17th lap. Apparently he thought he was called in by his team but it was a communication glitch. The call was made by another country’s team to their driver but Fairuz heard the radio call instead. Drama drama betul! Oh, and the fluorescent green car driven by Adam Carroll for Ireland went on to win the race that afternoon. Check out the highlights on this link.

P.P.P.S. Next race, Taupo, New Zealand. Jan 25, 09. Till then….


Hmmm … there’s a checklist for midlife crisis symptoms?

I read with amusement that day when a local newspaper did an editorial on the human behavior of people suffering from mid life crisis. 

Now, this social phenomena can impact homo sapiens from 40  up to 60 years of age. Hmm…. wouldn’t that mean the Roaring Fortiers fall into the early stages of this band ….. YIKES!

From what I gather, you can actually formulate a checklist of sorts for symptoms of this ‘it-which-cannot-be-named’ mental ailment ……… Now, if you’re between 40 – 60 years old & you answer YES to one or more of the questions below, …. it signals the onset of … umm…, for lack of a better word, the ‘crisis’ …..   Don’t cheat ok? 🙂


Hmm, its a YES for me on the brushing & flossing (that’s 1), checking for white hair (2)taking supplements (3), umm …..  & the bungee jump thing (4) did come across my mind but my back disagrees …  Wow, 4/6 (two thirds majority, in election jargon) ……  Does that mean I ‘pass’ with flying colours? … Oops – That’s not exactly good, is it?! 

You might agree or disagree with the list – but … I’m seriously wondering, how did you fare??? Don’t be shy, tell me – TELL ME!!! Ahahahaha ….. let me be the first to start the ball rolling, I, moi, …… am supposed to be suffering a MID LIFE CRISIS!

WOO HOO!!!!!!! Bring on the bungee jumps!!!!!!!!!

Rural living ….. an acquired taste indeed!

I am being bombarded  by a cacophony of construction noises.

There is the sound of  hammering, knocking and drilling  coming from the back of the house as workers rush to build ‘zero lot’ homes in the empty land behind (don’t even ASK what a zero lot home is – beats me) ……….. There is also the sound of a bulldozer digging the road to repair a burst pipe coming from the front of the house.  Aaarrrggghhh! When will it ever stop!

Care to guess where I’m writing from?  Yup, you’ve got it right. KL.  Oh how I long for the peace and quiet of Mentakab right now.

Then it got me thinking…. how really does rural living fare against urban living, based on our personal experience? For those who are not familiar with us… we have 2 home bases… (a company home in the East and our own home in the West).

We spend a lot of time in Mentakab – a sleepy hollow of a town in Pahang, an eastern state in Peninsular Malaysia…. a direct contrast to metropolitan Kuala Lumpur located in the West of Peninsular Malaysia. You can reach it in just 1 1/2 hours from the Gombak toll, following the East Coast highway. 

The main hub of activity centres around 4 or 5 main streets. The heart of it belonging to a 1/2 km stretch along the Mok Hee Kiang road. The road plays host to the daily pasar malam (night market). ‘The Store’, which has the honour of being the largest departmental store in town, is located at the end of this road.

The height of activity is between 7pm to 9pm. You can see people dressed in jeans, shorts, T-shirts, slippers, milling about casually. Dress yourself up in anything more & you might stick out like a sore thumb. So, be warned. Things slow down after 9:30pm and the streets are quiet by 11pm at night. And NO, there is no movie cinema or cineplex in town. Pure torture for a movie buff like me.

There is a decent invasion of American franchises here. 1 KFC outlet, 1 Pizza Hut outlet (where waiters and waitresses can be seen swatting flies, literally & figuratively), 1 McDonalds. For your pharmaceutical needs, 1 Watsons, 1 Guardian but loads of chinese medicine shops. Banks are abundant here – HSBC, Hong Leong, Public Bank, Maybank, CIMB etc … The gravevines tell us that there is a LOT of timber money swirling around! There is no shortage of clinics too. The top dental clinic in town does have a sinister reputation though. I heard the dentist is all too ready to ‘operate’ on any sort of wisdom teeth trouble! On the fashion front, there are multiple stand alone ’boutiques’ selling low range clothing at mid-high range prices, to choose from.

The townspeople are predominantly Chinese i.e. 80%  (not official)…. Language Spoken – Mandarin.  You speak in Cantonese and they’ll immediately identify you as a KLite.

The economic activity  centres around the businesses in town, hence it is an important source of employment. The town is also supported by the Temerloh Industrial Park situated at the fringe of the town along the old Karak trunk road. A lot of people also make a living from logging and concession activities nearby.  

That pretty much is the sum total of the town and from the 10 plus years that we have lived there (albeit during weekdays only), we have discovered some of the quirks inherent in rural living…. 

Social Behaviour:

  • Everyone knows everyone else in town, so don’t be surprised if someone calls out to you by name … and you don’t know who the heck he or she is.
  • Everyone knows of everyone else’s whereabouts and… be careful here, ……it gets reported back to their  spouses.
  • You can go to the town’s best Karaoke wearing shorts. 
  • You are probably the only one picking an English song at the Karaoke.


  • Although some cars crawl at about 40 – 50 km an hour, cars at the back follow patiently behind without honking.
  • At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are hell drivers who travel at 100 – 120 km an hour on small roads. Be careful of this group, they treat yellow and red lights as ‘go faster’.


  • More often than not, as a woman, you’re expected not to think, not to give an opinion and most importantly not be smarter than a man. If you are, you’re very likely to remain single.

Spirit of neighbourliness:

  • Don’t be surprised if strange old women (who claim to be your neighbours from a few doors away) come into your garden uninvited, with a parang, and starts chopping the ‘jantung pisang’ off your banana tree …. (Trust me on this one… I’ve experienced it firsthand. Shocked me speechless. How do you say NO to a person holding a parang? You tell me.)  

Putting busy bodies and the initial culture shock aside,  small town living grows on you after awhile. The air’s fresher. Traffic is light. Fat Dragon has the luxury of waking up as late as 8pm in order to go to work by 8:30pm sharp.

Yes, there is a lack of privacy because everyone knows you. But on the other hand, it gives you a sense of belonging. There’s always a warm greeting from your neighbours, the vegetable lady calls out to you heartily if she recognises you in the streets, the jogger at the park never fails to give you an encouraging smile to urge you on. Priceless.  

Every amenity, facility and point of entertainment  is only 10 – 15 minutes away (maximum).  Less time spent traveling equals more time for recreational and sporting activities. More quality time with family & friends. A far cry from the rat race of KL.  The place gives you a healthier, more personal, stress free environment for living………not to mention ‘to die for’ and ‘kick ass’ river fish meals for sustenance.   

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not a pure convert. I admit, the weekend breaks in KL are welcome. I am addicted to the pollution & mess of city living. I miss the crowds and the anonymity. I miss the malls, the cinemas, the bookshops, the company of kindred spirit …….. but then again …… 

Small town living is an acquired taste … once you get hooked on it, you will crave for it… just like I crave for the peace and quiet of it now, as I sit in the middle of this din … Krkakkkkakkkakka, ddddrrrrriiidrdriiidridri … Rattatttattttattt ….

Happy Feet = Healthy Mind & Body?


Fat Dragon and I had a really full social calendar the past three months. 

Now a healthy social life, doesn’t necessarily mean everything else is healthy. Namely, our bodies. We’ve been exercising our mouths, our livers to the maximum what with the merry making of catching up with friends back from overseas…with friends from out of town…..with friends during the Raya celebrations …. and so on and so forth…. There really has been no let up. And I can assure you, this form of exercise does nothing to shrink the numbers on your weighing scale!!!

We decided to go on a quest to make sure all these overworked organs remain healthy and in good shape for the next round of merry making in December…  X’mas & New Year! Ahahahahahah………

…So, we enlisted the help of our feet, of course! Sort of a walking, running, dancing bootcamp, you could say.  And here are some highlights of its activities………..

They trudged heavily & courageously on a mushy path in a 6 hour trek up and down  Gunung Berembun in Cameron Highlands, with Fat Dragon’s feet as companions. The trail was steep and mossy, hence the name, which translates into Mossy Hill. Such a wave of exhaustion hit us as we climbed and descended the slippery & ‘bouncy’ trail (Some parts of the ground was not solid ground. It was actually made up of root systems which felt suspended from the ground)… But we made it..shaky knees and all….and all we left behind, were our footprints! We did not take anything with us…not even pictures. We were just too exhausted!   

The lower extremities of our bodies were tested to the limit again, when they got fitted with dancing shoes during the Raya celebrations. Our feet shuffled and stepped to the sounds of 3 live bands (pic of one of them shown below) playing Santana beats and music from the 70’s and 80’s at the Cross Roads in  Concorde Hotel. I would say the Roaring Fortiers stepped up (pun intended) to the challenge given the extra loads and expanding waistlines that the feet had to carry but boy did we move. And…we passed with flying colours…..It would make the youngsters cringe but hey …  WHO CARES!

Warning: Please do not adjust your screen. The fuzzy image you see below was taken under the influence of alcohol… 🙂

They also got a chance to pound the hard, interlocking-tiled sidewalk along of Gurney Drive (Penang). This pavement is flanked by the sea on one side & and traffic on the other. So you get to breathe in a cocktail of sea breeze & exhaust fumes. How about that? The jog might not sound like a great fete to you but it really is a first for me. All the years that I have visited Penang, I’ve never run along Gurney Drive. I would never have dreamed being able to do 5km in half an hour, so it was an achievement for me and my dear old feet! 

 Now, you tell me, how often do you a get a scene like while jogging in KL?

Our feet succeeded in trekking up the steep road of Maxwell Hill (new name Bukit Larut, located in Taiping, Perak)), which was reportedly 6 miles long and not 6 km long … We completed about 5 miles up the road but given the failing light and rain.. we decided that the peak was to be ‘conquered’ another day! After all, the creepy stories of Japanese Occupation beheadings were at the back of our minds, (which is probably why the locals who met us along the way kept telling us “Its time to go down!”…  as the sun was setting) … But, we’ll be back – Wouldn’t miss another date with this giant centipede again………

 Sunset at Maxwell Hill

For the first time ever, our feet did a walking tour of Ipoh (as opposed to driving) and the slow pace of walking allowed us to savour the old charm of the city even more. We caught sights of the old FMS restaurant building, the newly repainted Ipoh Railway Station and Majestic Hotel, the Courts & the beautiful facades of colonial buildings which housed the various banks i.e. HSBC, Standard Chartered, OCBC etc. Our feet walked colourful mosaic pavements, which is such a nice change to the boring interlocking pavements and raw concrete flooring that adorns most of KL’s pavements nowadays. They walked under beautifully aligned arches of corridors to the old shoplot buildings. They walked by colourful flower beds which lined all these majestic old buildings ..  it was a highly peaceful and therapeutic activity. Highly recommended.

The colours of old charm…

And the highlight was probably the fact that we managed to join the footfalls of a group of new acquintances who share the same quest for wet & slippery adventures, in search of waterfalls in Malaysia … They call themselves the Waterfall Survivors under the passionate & energetic leadership of Ms. Joe Yap. Thanks to them, Fat Dragon & I managed to find the Tanglir Falls in Bukit Tinggi (which previously eluded us & led us to a wild goose chase to Janda Baik instead) and the beautiful and sandy Lata Khong in Karak (Sungai Dua area)!  One can’t help being contemplative under the influence of negative ions … as this young man seems to be doing at the foot of the Lata Khong falls. How cool is that?

Lata Khong…(Picture courtesy of Fat Dragon)

I’d say, without a doubt, happy feet translates into a happy mind & healthy body! …. Thank you so much or putting up with the eccentricities of this bunch of Roaring Fortiers! Thank you so much for helping us keep in shape! 

………. & we’ll celebrate it with a toast or two during X’mas, eh?  After all, the other organs and limbs deserve attention too, no? BOTTOMS UP! GAN BEI! CHEERS to our dear old feet! *$Burp#@

p.s. Apologies for the long absence from my blog. My fingers went into a meltdown phase. They refused to move, although the brain kept reminding them that their services were needed in updating my blog.

p.p.s. For those who find the idea of exercise dreary … do try to mix the activity with some fun: do it with friends, combine it with photo taking activities, vary the places you go to – walk in a concrete jungle one day and a real jungle the next … last but not least – arm yourself with a ‘can do’ spirit …Never fails!